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  1. BanditEagle

    How u do colors?

    You need EssentialsX and EssentailsChat
  2. BanditEagle

    How u do colors?

    You can find a detailed example here [keep in mind you will need to use "&" instead of "§"].
  3. BanditEagle


    Try to press "activate" once more and wait upto 5 minutes. If it still doesn't work after, I suggest going to the minehut lobby and typing "/join <server-name>". Wait upto 5 minutes and try to run that command again. If it still doesn't work, open a support ticket here.
  4. Hi there, there is a way to fix this. Start the server up, but DO NOT JOIN IT YET!. What you want to do is go to the server console by Starting up your server --> Edit Server --> scroll down on the first page where you will see "Server Command" along with a place where you can enter text under it. Once the server is online, type the following command and it should work. /gamerule randomTickSpeed 3
  5. BanditEagle

    help me

    The discord is indeed https://discord.gg/minehut. Try to dm a staff member who is currently online. It can be any of them, just as long as you get in touch and explain.
  6. Also, @IgorNoo, please make sure not to necropost [reply to topics that are older than a month].
  7. I think what he meant to say was about whitelisting. @IgorNoo you can allow any players to access the server by activating the server, pressing on "EDIT SERVER", scrolling down to where you see "Server Visibility", setting it to "Visible", press update, then restart the server.
  8. Thank you for the warm welcome!
  9. Botting is not allowed and Minehut is very serious about this. Buy your own account [not cracked ones but legit ones] and join the server normally.
  10. I've just realized that although I have been quite active on Minehut, especially in the past couple weeks on the forums, discord, and the server itself, I never actually made a proper introduction. Time to fix that. My name is BanditEagle [you can call me Bandit or Eagle for short, I don't mind] and I am currently 17 years old will turn 18 in October. My goal in life is to try and make people happier! To do this, the easiest and most direct effect a 17 year old highschool student can have is by becoming staff on MC servers [due to it's immense playerbase] and one of the best ways of
  11. BanditEagle


    Hi @Chocolatum, When you mean you can't activate commands on your server, do you mean using command blocks or general commands? If general commands: - Make sure you have the permissions to run those commands. If you are unsure about having them, try to see if you are an operator If no permissions/unsure and want to OP yourself: - Go to "APPEARANCE" after starting up your server and pressing on "EDIT SERVER", then scrolling down to "SERVER COMMANDS" and typing "op [player]" where you replace [player] with your in-game username. If command blocks: - Make sure comman
  12. There are 2 ways. You can either: 1) Stop MRL from resetting the mines itself but make a skript that will run the command to reset the mines every [x] minutes and when it runs the command, you can send the title and subtitle thing however you would like. 2) You can set a specific mine to [x] minutes then create a skript which will send players the title & subtitle thing every [x] minutes so it is on par with the MRL. Personally, I'd suggest going with option 1 since you might need to reload a skript and cause a delay with option 2. Other than using skript as a medium, I'm no
  13. Hi there, if the suggestion that @Jackson85 gave does not seem to work, I suggest looking through you log files and seeing if there are any issues that might be occuring with Voxelsniper. If you are unsure on how to read and understand log files, I suggest copying and pasting them into a pastebin and sending that pastebin to us so we can help you out. If you want to know how to access your log files, you can check out my small guide here.
  14. Hi everyone, Although a current CFAQ (Community FAQ/how-to's and guides) exists for this, there seem to be many players, especially newer members, who are not aware of CFAQ and the benefits they provide. You can check the more detailed CFAQ on getting and reading log files here. With this post, I want to raise more awareness on the benefits of CFAQ and try to introduce more players to it. I also don't want to try to take over CFAQ but just have something like this in a place that newer players can find easier. There are 2 different ways to access and retrieve your log files.
  15. Try this: on join: set {_uuid} to player's uuid if player does not have the permission "skript.owner": if player does not have the permission "skript.admin": if player does not have the permission "skript.staff": if player does not have the permission "skript.vip": set {rank.%{_uuid}%} to "&7&lMEMBER" else: set {rank.%{_uuid}%} to "&b&lVIP" else: set {rank.%{_uuid}%} to "&a&lSTAFF" else: set {rank.%{_uuid}%} to "&c&a
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