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  1. 1. How old are you? Answer: 13 (My birthday is happening soon, 7/2/2021) 2. Have you been staff on another server? Answer: Yes, I have been staff on many minecraft servers, as well as discord servers which are quite hard to manage. 3. On a scale of 1-10 how mature do you think you are (10 being the highest) 8.726 4. What would you like to apply for? (Moderator, builder, etc) Answer: I am writing this application for the rank Helper, on your minecraft server, BelugaGens 5. What makes you stand out from the other applicants? Answer: I'm very formal when I need to be, and I'm very smart, so say my parents, but all parents say that about their children, so thats not much of an argument. 6. What year were you born? 2006 7. What would you do if users started spamming and cursing you out? Answer: I would give them 3 warning, and then mute them if helpers can mute, and tell a higher rank about the situation. 8. What if someone was hacking but you had no ban permissions? Answer: I would contact someone who did have ban permission and provide proof that they were hacking. 9. What if someone was spamming your private messages (/pm)? Answer: I would calmly, tell them to stop, and if they didn't, mute them and contact a higher rank about the situation 10. Why would you like to apply for staff? Answer: Because the server seems interesting, and I have a few ideas that could improve it. 11. What do you think is the easiest hack to detect? Answer: PvP hacks 12. What hacks do you think are commonly mistaken for lag? Answer: Flight hacks if used carefully 13. What do you think is the hardest hack to detect? Answer: Something like "KillauraLegit" or "X-Ray Legit" 14. What if you accidentally typed something in chat only staff are suppose to see? Answer: I would instantly clear the chat, and 15. How much staff experience do you have? Answer: About 1 Years worth 16. What if you are accused for something you didn't do by a staff? Answer: I would call in someone to mediate our argument, and I would let them present THEIR evidence, and I would present MY evidence. 17. What would you say is the most important rule for players at BelugaGens Answer: To not hack on the server, closely followed up by not advertising other servers. 18. What is your time zone? Answer: I dont know the name of the timezone I'm in, but Im in California USA 19. What is your IGN? Answer: MisterBeeMan 20. Any other information? (optional) Answer: I like to be a leader, and an authority figure, so I can be bossy sometimes. Edited 5 hours ago by BelugaMC
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