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  1. I think you should add "MythicArtifacts" to the plugin list. The reason for this is because it's a must needed addon for mythicmobs. The plugin allows you to put skills on items that are then given to the mob. Also it would be a great addition to the fantasy side of things considering the opportunities it gives. I really hope this is considered and added because I have been wanting this for ages.
  2. TastqMelon

    300 Credits Lost

    It's because it came through on my email. There is someone else on my account that shouldn't be.
  3. TastqMelon

    300 Credits Lost

    This still hasn't been resolved, or answered.
  4. TastqMelon

    300 Credits Lost

    So I've tried to upgrade my server from 10ps-35ps atleast 4 times now. We've hibernated for atleast 5 mins. Twice. We've used /stop, we've waited, we've taken all the steps. On the minhut console, it says that we have 35 playerslots, but only 10 people can join and the %max players% skript expression says that there are 10 playerslots idk what to do, I've asked Crit for help and I was forwarded here. **Edit: We also lost 35 Playerslots worth in credits each time we restarted.
  5. would you rather be a potato or a red potato
  6. If you already have a backup, you should be able to restore it to your 'deleted' server.
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