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  1. Yup that's right. 50% off summer sale! Get your rank today and enjoy your summer! ENDING AUGEST 1st 2020
  2. Nothing way too important, but you know when you add your server to your multiplayer servers list? Theres the MH logo? Yea, I'd like to import my own, and idc if you add it to a plan or something. But can you at least add it?
  3. Well, I mean I don't know if it is the best minigame server on minehut... :I
  4. But the thing is, I don't know what world I was in.
  5. Soo, I don't know what to do. I've done skript for some reason, I tried restarting, connecting to spawn with both ways (multiverse and cmd) but everything I've tried ain't work... - _ - What happened? I was trying to clear lag and during that, I was deleting non used npcs, so I kept tping to those npcs and one of them was in the void... I tp'd to it and it just kept kicking me out... CAUSE: Citizens Npcs lol I can't join my server... Plz help!
  6. Did it, but I couldn't find on bukkit or spigot... Luckily I did find it on skunity and includes downloads and everything.
  7. No, its not just SkQuery, its just another addon to skript. The reason why I'd like this added is because: I'm trying to update one of my games and make a gui that can add spells to your weapons, armor, items ect (I own a minigame server - MCMinemon). I didn't know how to do it, so I went to SkForums and someone said I should try SkQuery-Lime! If you do decide to add it, that would be very helpful ! Website (I couldn't find on spigot or bukkit website): https://forums.skunity.com/resources/skquery-1-9-1-15.68/
  8. Likes minigames? MCMinemon has tons! Survival, Creative, SkyBlock, Duels, Parkour, Bedwars, Hungergames, Minepvp, and the all new BattleWorld (kitpvp)! 20% off sale is live and is ending very soon! Season 2 Coming out soon! (including; new and better lobby, game updates, crates system, clans and more!)
  9. I don't think it's possible to undo!! Someone just advertised my server (MCMINEMON) and after like 8-14 players, we all got teleported to a minepvp dimension and we went back to spawn and the gamemode npc's weren't working! I checked the worlds and they were unloaded, I restarted the server and found out in the file manager that all of those worlds were totally deleted!!!!! I don't know what to do, please help me! I have spent so long on that server, I don't wanna loose it!
  10. Minehut is awesome, and I mean it! However i've been wondering - is the maximum player limit really 200? For some reason I like to dream that my server in the future would have like tons of players and tons of Gigs, but then when I saw that Minehut would only give out 200. Is that really true?
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