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  1. Very nice and concise script. Would recommend using TuSKe as it's more reliable. Apart from that, good work.
  2. Permission are linked to my custom ranks system.
  3. When report a bug, you must use the format. Any bug reports made without using the following format will instantly be locked. Your IGN: Type of Bug (Map Exploit, Gameplay Bug: How can we reproduce this bug?: Briefly describe the bug:
  4. When appealing, you must use this format. Any appeals created without using the following format will be instantly denied. Your IGN: Reason for Punishment: Date of Punishment: Was this punishment unjust? (Yes/No): Why should we revoke your punishment?
  5. When reporting players, you must use this format. Reports that don't use the following format will be instantly denied. Name of Offender: Rule Violation: Evidence: Optional Notes: (Copy this in with the other details if you want to include any information)
  6. Kezdero

    Help me pls

    The only easy way I could recommend of what you're trying to achieve is to create multiple servers for each mini-game you want and use command blocks to send players there.
  7. Kezdero

    Server suspended?

    If you are confident that your server didn't violate any rules, then you can appeal here with the following format: Server Name: Why do you think the server is suspended? Why should we unsuspend your server? Additional Information:
  8. Kezdero

    Server suspended?

    If your server has been suspended, it means that it violated the Minehut rules. Things like an Inappropriate Name, MOTD, or Inappropriate Server Content could've got your server suspended.
  9. Hewwo Try to repair your files. You can do this by going into the Danger Zone in the Dashboard and clicking Repair Files. Hope this helps, have a good one !
  10. Welcome welcome! It's great to see some familiar faces achieving such great things on Minehut
  11. Kezdero

    Buycraft/Tebex Help

    Heya! Here's a very helpful tutorial that will go over how you can setup a Tebex store for your Minehut server. Have a nice day!
  12. https://pastebin.com/raw/W9B1wqpf Not as uniform as I'd like, but works as expected.
  13. Kezdero

    Server Is Online Mode

    Well this issue has been happening frequently over yesterday and there have been a number of reports regarding it. I'm sure the development team knows about it by now.
  14. Kezdero

    Server Is Online Mode

    Are you using a cracked account? As this is probably what is causing the issue.
  15. Kezdero

    I can't upload my own world

    Hey there. Are you following this tutorial?
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