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    its for like every server, i had that problem for all servers this morning and now im just having it when connecting to mineplex
  2. So I have this epic server that has a lot of play time in it and I started it with a seed, not a world upload. when i use /dl world it says that this making a link and never gives it too me, I either need to get this solved or reset the server so me and my friends down waste our time, help is much needed and wanted!
  3. but is there a way to copy my world from the server and paste it back in, with the stuff that has been built in it? It doesnt seem like lag should cause this big of a problem.... if I have to reset it I will but if there is a way to revert it to a previous version that would be best
  4. So I recently made a minecraft server on minehut and I had some friends on, so we had a great time and i was setting up the server with ranks and a starting town, so during this I was using world edit and I made a mistake, I placed 50,000 blocks of scaffolding when I ment to place way less. Well the server froze and then stopped. I have tried repairing the server three times now but when I start the server it will spend 30 minutes starting and then stop right after. If I have to reset my server I would like to know how to get my world out of it, please help, thanks
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