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  1. Is Minehut Safe? Yes Reasons: 1. it spoofs your IP
  2. so you banned human counter #1 and human counter #2.

    probably doesn't help the fact you didn't even read the message.

    "get to 100k before november 1st"

    i have heart surgery on november 3rd and would like to see the counter hit 100k



  3. I was on the Minehut discord server, and saw that the #count-to-1mil was only at ~95k. I made a graph to record the end of every month. This is how I collected data. After I collected all the numbers, I put them into a rapidtables graph, and.... Yeah, pretty slow. The initial launch of the channel resulted in the count landing at 6,416 at the end of July, and at the end of August? 19,062. A 297% increase. After August 2019, the climb slows drastically. This is probably why we aren't at 100k yet. The 297% increase we talked about in 1 month? Between
  4. on load: set {i::*} to all items remove barrier and command block from {i::*} every 20 seconds: {give} isn't set set {_i} to a random item out of {i::*} loop all players: give loop-player 1 of {_i} command /toggle: description: enable/disable users receiving items periodically permission: op trigger: if {give} isn't set: send "&aEnabled &7periodic items." set {give} to true else: send "&cDisabled &7periodic items." delete {give}
  5. bend knee is the coolest moderator

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