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  1. https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/swornguns Add more gun plugins please. I'm bored of CrackShot you cant modify how much knockback the bullet would make.
  2. Its taken almost 2 hours of me figuring out how the hell to give players ranks through command blocks because god damn Permissions Ex wont damn work. PLEASE UPDATE GROUP MANAGER. I BEG YOU MINEHUT DEVS. (my server is called Sided its still not done because of the rank problem : D)
  3. Medicine

    Warfare Mod

    http://www.9minecraft.net/modern-warfare-mod/ This will be really useful for gun servers, and also for people trying to make a Call Of Duty Zombies server :'D.
  4. Medicine

    Gun Plugins

    Add more gun plugins. That would be really helpful for gun servers :). https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/guns-plugin.31569/
  5. Medicine


    Soo I accidently removed a crackshot file and I posted the problem to the forums and didn't get a response. I so made another!
  6. So I was just minding my business and modifying the crackshot guns. When I did /shot config reload the guns disappeared. I went to the danger zone and click the button that repairs files. It still didn't work. So I just decided to delete the file, after a while I noticed a mistake. I added another line. I need help on recovery. Please....
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