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  1. I checked and I have good ping
  2. When im In my server and I run into a mob I clip right through it and it acts like im not there. It only happens to me and only on my specific server. Ive tried many things such as relogging, killing myself, uninstalling plugins, deoping myself, swapping gamemodes, and I've been looking into commands. Ive run out of ideas and need help.
  3. Im not sure if i'm using it wrong but I still can't get a working cooldown with the function. Here is what I've got on rightclick: #you can also change it to leftclick if player's tool is stick named "&f&lLightning Wand" with lore "&7Summons lightning where you looking at": cooldownManager(player, "Lightning Wand", 10 seconds) isn't set strike lightning at the targeted block else: stop
  4. I have a script that makes a Lightning Wand that summons lightning when you right click. I want to add a 4 second cooldown so you can't just spam lightning. Im using 1.16.5 and heres the script. command /lightningwand <player>: aliases: lw usage: &7[&6LW&7] &cWho do you want to give the wand? permission: lw.give trigger: if arg-1 is set: give player 1 stick named "&f&lLightning Wand" with lore "&7Summons lightning where you looking at" else: stop on rightclick
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