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  1. Yes but understand that minehut already said that if this gets added people could put inappropriate images and thats not good so what i suggest minehut instead of custom images at least when you purchase a icon like the lava bucket make it appear on server list
  2. my ign: Corsoul my favortie server is probally Annihilation i like that mini game
  3. oh ya this so cool i was actulally looking how to make a custom ban screen message so plz minehut add like for maybe 100 credits we can sort of buy the plugin
  4. but liseten then minehut would just stop giving you 12 plugins for you other server and combaine it how are they losing money all they are doing is getting rid of one server and giving its things to another?
  5. yes i know that what he want is we can make a server and combaine our 2
  6. i like it and i agree, same with me i would really love this feature!
  7. Oh.... to bad i really wanted per world scoreboards
  8. i know i already made a topic on it but seriously plz minehut add it if you don't know what it is it is like kiteboard but you can have per world scoreboards which is what i want and it also uses placeholderapi if you wanna add that stuff just plz add and other people who are going to comment plz don't write "Just skript it" i don't want to all i want is this plugin thank you Link to Plugin https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/simplescore.23243/ (Its free) So plz minehut add thx ~ Corsoul
  9. ok but will you give it to me????? i don't know how to skript scoreboards i can skript guis and custom commands but not that and i checked youtube nothin good there so can you help me!
  10. So i tried using skript it doesn't work when i do a tutorial with loop stop blah blah and then it says 34 erros like i don't know what to do if you give me a skript scoreboard that looks good and it can say how many players online like this 1/10 or something like that and then like "player: <Name>" then i would not need simple score.
  11. I checked all the new plugins but simplescore the one i wanted wasn't there if you are not sure what it is, it is just like kitboard it can make scoreboards and also use placeholders and its free! well then you might say then just use kiteboard? well simplescore allows per world scoreboards which i need and kiteboard can't do Link to plugin: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/simplescore.23243/
  12. it can be like only once! just saying
  13. Here you go https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/simplescore.23243/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=9db7298fa0b0e33ca8522d60744a41e516950ac5-1592257809-0-AQLT3VQSic30drjOZCJu8VVmUVe-ktj6amSEFZND3EUlZ8YKTTXJqhfchKU0JKEpGqLiPIfDFurMqrlLxobJUf3msAYNlNy6_6Ejp0OANmbT2airwMgNf3yeVrYBQUiC2-fPeJ7dKvAXpZ0SryRg3AasW6Pv9xcfPiIf9ChXSF_olkxjZLZOLtZkchbXroDhbX9eiW1n1T3qn7zl5dUf2NDYDcLcsYf__rEktlfyP3g3GreAfnbilUTJt354mucHA3dxYdRHJ-gin9BcjQXhWGCaycOTKoIwFQ2Izqc_x5fKAYB2VHOIP3JQ9cPKCm1tYw just minehut plz add
  14. Simple Score is a scoreboard plugin that can do the same thing as kitboard but i want cause kitboard scoreboards stay no matter what world your in it is there but with Simple Score it is per world and it can also do like how many players on ect.... so plz i beg add it for its cool feature for per worlds scoreboards Plz do it!
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