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  1. I was wondering because I have ran into a few of these cases, is it bannable to make a skript that essentially disables the ability to use of /hub e.g : on command "/hub": cancel event OR on quit: cancel event
  2. I was just wondering what the player counts were from different regions. I thought it would just be cool to see.
  3. You forgot the CyberMod which is a combination of all 3 mod types.
  4. Sputs

    The New Junior Mods

    What's your opinion on Gen servers?
  5. Hello there, so I have been cruising the forums recently and have found some people have no forum signature and was thinking that people may not be able to pick a good one or even know how to make one, so that's where I like to think I come in. A signature is a recurring section of a forum post that can be loaded with images, links, text and much more! If you have one set you will always see it on the bottom of your post as seen here: 1. Creating So the first thing with creating a signature is knowing how to get there; lucky for you, I can teach you. First you want to click in the top right of the site to open a drop down menu then click 'Account Settings'. From there you want to click 'Signature' and then you're ready to start! DISCLAIMER: The following are more of advice than steps. 2. What do I put? 'What do I put?' may be something you're asking yourself, if so continue on otherwise you know how to get there so go make a new Minehut Forum signature! Now if you're still here and you're thinking 'What do I put?' then I have just the advice for you! So the way of thinking of a good signature for you is by thinking about things that you like for example; a GIF (a static or animated image) of something you appreciate and/or like (Links to things are a great way to help someone easily get to a part of the forum within a few clicks). For myself I have put a GIF of a character from one of my favourite anime and I have put two useful links within the Minehut Forums. Simple things like that can be effective and great! MAKE SURE YOU STAY IN LINE WITH THE REQUIREMENTS HERE AND RULES HERE. 3. Finishing up! Once you've sorted all of the contents of your signature, click save and you're done! Make sure you reply and post on the forums so people can now see your amazing new signature.
  6. I think a tab on the MH server panel that shows your most used, last edited or last viewed file/folder. It is really annoying having to back out of all the stuff to go from one config or one folder to another. (and personally I am very lazy and a 'efficiency over everything else' kinda guy >.<)
  7. Sputs

    Show 1.8 Servers

    ngl I have been wanting this for ages, my toaster can barely run 1.14 lol
  8. Sputs

    it's offical

    I have succeeded. Even Further.
  9. I don't know, you tell me.
  10. Sputs


    PogU! Well deserved and very fun game.
  11. Hi there, my name is Tom but I go by Sputs in-game. I've been playing for a while and have never OFFICIALLY introduced myself. I am a freshman in highschool and I starting playing in July of 2017 and been an active player since, I have gone by many names, more notably; Cloudyyy_, Tominix and TrackSpeed but now I go by Sputs (or Tom >xL) I skript, build and manage for servers free of charge. DM me on discord if ya wanna talk to me (jebaited#9987) otherwise, nice to meet you. ~Sputs
  12. Sputs


    Does anyone have a detailed guide to the skript plugin? Asking for a friend.
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