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  1. Yeah I'm actually speaking with them too about another issue but so far its looking good and they're fixing the bugs
  2. You could optionally go for the more vanilla approach and make a world in single player and then add in a randomizer resourcepack and upload the world with the resource pack installed to Minehut. Here is the place to generate a truly randomized resource pack, CaptainSparkles and many other people made videos using this exact resource: https://fasguy.net/minecraft_randomizer/
  3. BlockRegen is simple but quite nice block regeneration plugin that allows you to make ores and other blocks regenerate to different blocks. It also has a really cool reward system that allows for command rewards, eco rewards, and even custom item rewards. BlockRegen --> https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/blockregen.9885/ Edit: Forgot to mention that I've tested it on 1.16 and it seems to work fine regardless of it saying only 1.15. It was updated in September which was way after 1.16 release.
  4. Shorter URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/grappling-hook.22854/
  5. MMOItems is a great plugin to combine with MythicMobs and it would add a massive amount of creativity to Minehut users because of how extensive it is. I'm aware that it's a premium plugin but its worth trying to request and seeing how it goes considering how good of a plugin it is. RPG servers would be easier than ever and it also adds a lot for the PvP scene as well. No more skripting custom stats, abilities, effects, or items! MMOItems --> https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/mmoitems-premium.39267/
  6. CustomCrafting got a nice overhaul today that further improves it's overall performance. CustomCrafting --> https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/customcrafting-advanced-custom-recipe-plugin-1-14-1-16-x-free.55883/ WolfyUtilities --> https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/wolfyutilities-core-plugin-api-1-14-1-16-x.64124/
  7. PlayerSkills Reborn is an awesome free to use plug n' play plugin thats easily understandable and quite fun for players. PlayerSkills Reborn -->https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/▶-playerskills-reborn-◀-upgrade-skills-citizens-support-holograms-suport-with-source-code.59383/
  8. They should be able to implement skript-yml without an issues if they have the vulnerable files override specific sections upon saving, which to my knowledge they already do. If however there is a loophole of /reload being abused then Block / Remove the command from our servers. I don't think anyone as capable of arguing a true reasonable use and reason to use /reload. Its a bad plugin and it always gives a warning to NOT use it. I'm a massive fan of skript-yml and for something like that to be added to Minehut as an advanced user, its quite game changing in the way we do things with skript
  9. Pog, can't wait for more lmao, thank you Pop for all the hard work.
  10. pog, nothing to win for once, so hyped!
  11. I do agree that we should get ShopGUI+ but that is entirely the developer's decision.
  12. Yeah I agree, it should be updated with the coming wave of additions and updates as this is a nice and handy update for experienced SkBee users.
  13. Oh ok, a suggestion could be that you name it Quests By (Author) or you can give it a made up name lol
  14. Yeah, SuperiorSkyblock is a big one for Minehut. As for the plugins that I specifically would be using 100%, I'd use SuperiorSkyblock, WildChest, and WildStacker. Those are the most important to me, the rest are mainly just faction utilities. I wouldn't look too far into his Spigot ban, it's not for anything threatening or dangerous to the users of his plugins. A lot of recent drama started on Spigot because PayPal officially applied a ban on the sale of Minecraft Plugins due to high chargeback rates. Since the sales of Minecraft Plugins through PayPal is coming to a close it has left man
  15. So are you saying you wont add it due to the name being the same? You could maybe just add the same arrow symbols to the name and that way there would be a difference in the titles. I do highly suggest this plugin because its a lot cleaner and it has a ton of PlaceholderAPI placeholders that I plan to heavily utilize.
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