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  1. EpicNerd5678


    https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/dynmap.274/ Dynmap is a really interesting plugin that lets you track players on your minecraft world and see what they have been placing and building. I think it just is really interesting and looking at SMPEARTH i wanted to add it to my server.
  2. There is a plugin called Farmcraft, it allows for custom crops, and with FoodLol you can make custom foods. I think this would be a great plugin for servers to really expand things. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/farmcraft-1-14-fully-custom-crops.50031/ FoodLol is one of the needed plugins I believe. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/foodlol-1-14-custom-food-textures.49852/ Please consider these.
  3. EpicNerd5678

    exp orbs

    By default, experience orbs get combined because of bukkit/spigot. There is no way to make exp orbs not combine. Can someone either tell me if there is a way / can minehut add an option on the server properties tab?
  4. I believe we should be able to add .schem files to the file manager for world edit schematics. I also believe we should be able to edit the spigot.yml file. Mainly i need this to make it so exp orbs do not combine.
  5. EpicNerd5678

    .day files

    I feel like .dat files should be allowed, mostly for maps.
  6. I just posted this too! We need this plugin badly!
  7. There is a plugin called "Custom crafting" and I noticed it needs a plugin called "Wolfyutilities" which is not included. Please put it in!
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