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  1. Defy will also have leaderboards of the top 10 floors, levels and maybe more
  2. Now that there aren't any classes (according to feedback), in order to get the items you need to start the dungeon run there are kits. Kits arent that powerful and they are only useful at the beginning floors, but they are necessary if you need a specific item like a bow in order to use your full power (stats like: power, reload speed and accuracy need a bow in order to work). Kits are upgradeable with dungeon points and you can preview them in the kits menu 2019-10-21 18-16-46.mp4
  3. Remade abilities according to feedback recieved. Now instead of classes limiting your stats you can upgrade any stat you want, im also coding basic kits with upgrades that will give you the starter item you need so you dont get screwed if you invented into bow related stats and you dont find a bow 2019-10-19 17-42-18.mp4
  4. A project by the Play2Live network Credits to the game “The Enchanted Cave” for inspiration Because I have a lot of information to give, this post is going to be divided into 2 parts, the first one is a “short” introduction, 2 screenshots and some gameplay. The second part will mention each major feature and what it does, so prepare for a little reading. Lets get right into it Part 1 Defy is an infinite dungeon (no, its not a copy of anything, it’s a genre) with attributes, active and passive abilities, custom weapons, armor, mobs, artifacts, skills and much more. Its pretty hard to explain without going into much detailed so just watch the gameplay, it should show you enough A little explanation about the name and server concept. The server concept is to run the dungeon and constantly improve yourself and reach higher floors, and each run is different from the last (you get different enemies, shop items, loot and more) so you will probably never do 2 runs that are the exact same. The dungeon gets harder the more floors you pass, the difficulty rises slightly every floor, every 5 floors the difficulty rises drastically. You improve all the time, both in the dungeon run itself or in general. You can improve in general by improving your attributes, unlocking new abilities, improving your skills, unlocking and upgrading kits and finding artifacts. Inside the dungeon you can improve by doing all the things i just mentioned and also by getting weapons, armor and other items. The name Defy means defy yourself (improve yourself and go beyond your limits) and defy the heavens (achieve what others believe is impossible), honestly this name will fit into any RPG like server and was originally meant for a MMORPG server I wanted to make, but I realized it will take years to get all the builds. So its not a coincident that the current Defy is based only on 1 room There is also a hidden story in the server for players to discover Note – This project is in early development and the gameplay doesn’t present the end product, and we may change anything until beta release, but its good enough to showcase the project. Screenshorts - https://imgur.com/a/3T6vKSl Gameplay - Part 2 If you are reading this it means you want to know more details about Defy and it’s features, so enjoy Floors – Every floor the difficulty rises slightly because the mobs gain a level, every 5 floors the difficulty rises drastically because a new mob is added. Every 10 floors (including floor 0) is a shop floor Levels – You levelup by killing mobs. Your personal level unlocks you new attributes and 5 ability points that you can spend on attributes. Attributes – There are 9 attributes (Example – Strength, Power and Enchanting) and each attribute has it’s own passive and active abilities. You upgrade those attributes with ability points you get each time you levelup (you get 3 each level). The attributes are divided into 3 groups that you unlock each at a different level (You start with the first one and unlock the rest at later levels). You can create your own meta by upgrading the attributes you want and unlocking the abilities and passives you need, and by combining those with kits (more about those later in this post) you can create your own meta. Abilities – Abilities can be active or passive. You can select an active ability using /abilities and clicking on it, meaning you can only use 1 active ability at a time. Active abilities have a cooldown between uses. Passive abilities work without doing anything so there isn’t a limit to how many can work at a time. Here are some examples: Active ability: Execute - Your next attack will kill enemies will low health. Passive ability: Bersek - The lower your health the higher your dmg Kits - The loot you get inside the dungeon is randomized, and if you upgrade stats related to a bow and you don't get one inside the dungeon, you are dead, right? Nope, thats why kits exist, to save your day. Kits give you items when you start a dungeon run, so you hardcore archers wont be stuck without a bow. Some of you may think that this destroys the idea of items being randomized, but no. Although kits can be upgraded, the items you get from them are not going to be of much help after the beginner floors (the first 10 floors), so if your luck is bad even kits can't save you (Smart players will upgrade their stats so even if they have bad luck they can survive). Skills – This is something that you cant see in the gameplay video, because I didn’t code it yet. Skills are your proficiency at doing a certain thing, for example swordsmanship and archery. When you hit a mob with a sword or arrow you will improve the corresponding skill. Skills like archery and swordsmanship give bonus damage when using a weapon and skills like punching bag give you higher defence. Items, artifacts and the shop – Items in Defy are custom made and have their own properties like attack, defence or even health points (healing potions). You can get items by finding them in chests or by buying them in the shop with gold you get by killing mobs or selling items in the shop. Most of the items have something in common, you lose them when your dungeon run ends. Before you start raging, let me explain. The dungeon takes your items so you cant keep them. Now for real, there is one kind of item that is strong enough so escape the dungeon, because it bound to your soul. Those items are called artifacts, and there is a small chance of finding them every 5 floors, when the difficulty drastically rises. You can see something that hints that in the gameplay, every item’s last line tells if it’s a normal item or an artifact. There is much more to explain and some smaller features I didn’t talk about, but I should probably stop here Credit to Kortebroek for the builds Discord link: https://discord.gg/wyNdtr5 Looking for skilled Skript Developers
  5. You need to disable the compass in World Edit config, look for a tutorial online
  6. Currently we have enough project managers and builders, so we are mostly looking for skript developers. We can still accept builders if they are good enough
  7. sounds cool, message me in discord
  8. Hello people of Minehut! Its been a long time since i made a post Anyway lets get right to the point - Play2Live network is recruiting What is Play2Live? Play2Live is an already made and well developed network with 250+ Discord Members and 9,000+ Joins from only one of the network servers. This network is made solely by me (yea i know, looks promising, right?). I created it after i wanted to make another server other than the one i had for the last year (Farm2Live). I also made Fight2Live and now working on Jump2Live. The thing is im only one man. Although i make my servers in a way that not a lot of building is needed, and able to find builders for the things i need, i cant expand this network all by myself. Im already developing both Farm2Live and Jump2Live, managing the staff team and Discord server in the same time while studying for the psychometric test (a kind of university entrance test) and managing a personal life (Looks healthy to me). So im here asking you to help by joining on the network, so we can have more than 2 servers, and make it achieve it's true potential! So before you leave this post out of boredom, who am i recruiting? Im looking for the following roles: Developer (Advanced Skript knowledge required) Builder (Possibly good with building, minimum is to know how to place blocks) Project Managers (Responsible for a project each, making sure the developers and builders do their job and giving them tasks) Server Ideas (Creative and want to help? Sure, who needs to know how to develop or build anyway?) Well thats about it, you can ask anything in this post or in the discord server (just look for it in the club). If you want to join and help dm me in discord xlr100#6932 Owner of Play2Live OMan100
  9. You can try to loop entities between 2 locations, never tried that thought. Easiest way is to just check his region
  10. I can send you a vein miner script i made once if you want, its pretty basic tho
  11. It looks like you didnt Indent your code correctly. I advise you to read this tutorial https://skripthub.net/tutorials/17 and specifically the Core Concepts of Skript part
  12. OMan100

    Error Help

    You didnt ident correctly and you got an else after another else
  13. yea i wanted to do that but there were some problems with the drops expressions. The ones that work only work inside a break or death event
  14. When you read the change log just for skript addons
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