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  1. hello to make my bedwars server better I request that you add this add-on to ScreamingBedwars that will allow me to make a better bedwars experience here is the add on also can you please update Screamingbedwars https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/screaming-bedwars-addon-1-15-2.79505/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=a4a7670a131fecc66a2bb06ed9ae743072d8f688-1592398721-0-AWYzeZ6d0yAPjYT2dFnOnGmMm5-GOwMq2QkBXk_npVQvAe9R3PiiKKYceoUL3XS-R06b-lnAIZd8W8u64MQUM3fTVqUtZSFxZd7R_rAD7AEKlDCV0RyXP_OVQyBMszbGtMF-zl5yfZGZCQpmVA-c59N9jR_2Qlg4PYGzUILFBS_QyupW4GVB_CGBxcbRT0uhIRoOHqgfjHzSuUMYviKfxvKtSX0Yu3RbUh3yNZVU3C6i5oMiB
  2. Liami101


    please update ScreaminBedWars to 0.2.10 https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/screamingbedwars-1-9-1-15.63714/
  3. Liami101

    Pls add this

    Makes the shops like hypixel bedwars and adds a lot of features
  4. Liami101

    Pls add this

    Please add this ScreamingBedwars plugin add-on it will help me a lot https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/screaming-bedwars-addon-1-15-2.79505/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=c959bd0a277bd95dc2ff8d6a53ff0e472e899097-1591406788-0-AQEL6vk6V1QDZmJMG-HK7QfSLxujYDRhQhsenDFKgXvyrMzujaIlzFXZrG0tIw0cHTN8Mt34f-EGGi1YQliOSErh22Hnm6qykOA6lp5Som13hlax0C5jQsMyTNpn95OHLtbLBwIdg4m62nnVEyQLGjNFdDn2sWlo6nmmIBtCE7iClE9e77ZQ3NDRQ08ANbq1vxz0CGUe9sldNOfGOnCZXUttMfhsNJjXnw98mtKKpi01EVB5XSoLnaJ9UI0b48mQSHtqQxT3maK-Kqum27XPAAMPde-fX7Kr3NZvMFdaVRZNO23qyx9jZU5gxm4ipcQmwTieUX1ijbXezPpVqTpSsrQ
  5. Liami101


    When I have deleted a plugin from my server it is still there in the plugins folder and it will not delete pls help
  6. 1) Make it so you can add your own custom icon (Free if you have a premium package) 2) make it so your icon can show up in the launcher instead of the minehut logo(free if you have a premium package)
  7. I agree this would be great
  8. im configuring plugins hit the save button exit it restart my server and the file resets
  9. Can you please update screamingbedwars https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/screamingbedwars-1-9-1-15.63714/updates?page=3
  10. Yes but I can't be bothered asking for a plugin every time I want one just for it to not be installed
  11. Make It So We Can Put Our Own Plugins In The Folder
  12. Liami101


    ok thanks for the re-ply
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