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  1. User Name: xXxNathanxXx Offense: Team Griefing - Team Killing Evidence:
  2. You were told to wait 2 weeks to appeal again. If you keep ignoring our instructions, you will be banned from the forums as well. [DENIED]
  3. I will accept your appeal. A good amount of time has passed since your last ban evasion and I hope you won't do it again. Please read the rules on https://warz.one/rules I reverted your bans. If you still can't join, please tell us here. [ACCEPTED]
  4. The ban is too short to appeal.
  5. You were banned 3 days ago for hacking. Even though I appreciate that you apologized and admitted to it, that's not nearly enough time to consider an unban. [DENIED]
  6. In at least 95% of cases when someone has a muted/banned account appearing in their alt list, it means they are mute/ban evading. We know that in some cases like yours it might just be a family member who got muted/banned. Should that however mean, that we shouldn't punish at all for punishment evasion? No. We also don't have the time to research whether someone is a family member or not before punishing for evasion. It would make moderating very inefficient. Sadly, the only way to deal with situations where someone has a muted/banned alt is to punish them for evasion, and if they are indeed i
  7. Please create a new topic and follow the appeal format. https://forums.minehut.com/topic/37-appeal-format/
  8. I understand that you were only trying to be edgy, but a lot of players don't like what you said and don't think it's funny. Nobody cares if you make jokes like that in a close group of friends, but in public places such as Warzone, we can't tolerate such behaviour. This is in regard to the "Propaganda". Regarding the Death Threats, the context you sent those threats in mattered a lot. If you just out of nowhere said "Everyone who goes against us will be exterminated", you probably wouldn't have been punished at all, but in the context with your previous messages, some people probably bel
  9. Update: I just checked in-game and it looks like you ban evaded twice approximately 20 minutes after your original ban. Ban evasion is strictly prohibited. [DENIED]
  10. As it states in the ban reason, you were banned due to excessive AntiCheat violations. It was actually for Kill Aura as well, however I forgot to add that in the ban reason. I checked your ping while spectating you and you weren't lagging at all. While spectating you, I also didn't notice any lag spikes. Whenever you triggered the AntiCheat, you didn't lag as well. Even if you had very low FPS, that wouldn't trigger the AntiCheat out of nowhere. Keep in mind that you got tons of violations for Kill Aura/HitBox, Speed as well as Fly. Especially the Speed and Fly violations gave it away. In
  11. Alright. I will believe you and unban you. However, don't insult staff members in the future again. [ACCEPTED]
  12. Somehow, you are connected to yum_blue_jello. Please think about it again.
  13. I checked your chat logs and I'm extremely disgusted by them. Even though it's been 10 months since your permanent mute punishment, I don't think enough time passed for an unmute in this case. [DENIED]
  14. Mute evasion is strictly prohibited - It doesn't matter whether this is done through using an alt ingame, or using your discord account in the #server-chat channel. You have been specifically warned to not mute evade on via Discord by me at least 2 times, however you didn't seem to care at all. You are going to stay muted. Think about what you're doing next time, this should be a good lesson which also heavily applies in life generally. [DENIED]
  15. The Matrix AntiCheat would've kicked you around 10 times for combat related hacks, which is an absurd amount. If it was programmed to ban players, you would've been banned 10 times. While spectating you, it also didn't appear as if you were lagging at all. And no, I'm pretty sure there weren't 7 other people who clicked at 15+ cps, perhaps not even 10+ at the time you were banned, by far not. [DENIED]
  16. Did you ever use a VPN to connect to Warzone? Your account doesn't just get connected to a banned player's account out of nowhere. I will give you time to respond, however, looking at the way you talk to staff members, I have my doubts about this going anywhere.
  17. A lot of time has passed since your original ban. On 16th April 2020, however, you ban evaded, resulting in one of your recent appeals to be denied. I will still accept this appeal though, since I think you learned your lesson and won't do it again. [ACCEPTED]
  18. You hacked and on the same day even ban evaded apparently. This is a no brainer. [DENIED]
  19. I banned you because you triggered the Matrix AntiCheat very often as well as the suspicious head movements you are talking about. However, considering there might have been a small possibility that the AntiCheat was delivering false positives - despite you being a sole case of triggering it up to 4/4 - as well as your explanation of your weird head movements, I am going to unban you. Thanks for being patient and sorry for the long waiting time. [ACCEPTED]
  20. As we can see on /alts, clearly your account is somehow connected to AsyCrun's account, which is banned. This connection doesn't just happen randomly - it can only happen if you two joined on the same IP or shared an account. [DENIED]
  21. This can be done without hacks, therefore it is insufficient evidence. [DENIED]
  22. The player was banned, thanks for the report! [ACCEPTED]
  23. Butterfly clicking is clearly not allowed as stated in the rules https://warzone.network/rules You admitted to butterfly clicking by saying "i butterfly click 14cps" after someone accused you of cheating in public chat. You took the screenshot out of context, making it show like you made a general statement about being able to butterfly click without saying you're doing it right now. However, when looking at the full context, it becomes clear you meant it as in "I am butterfly clicking right now, which gets me up to 14 cps." You at least admitted to butterfly clicking in the original
  24. For the last time, please stop making reports with insufficient evidence. RoboGirl didn't use Speed, she simply received a lot of knockback, which in this case happened because she was jumping while she was hit. Stop making reports with evidence of low quality, please. [DENIED]
  25. As we can see in the screenshots, a staff member was already present. [DENIED]
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