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  1. If the recording did show that you were hacking, why not just admit it beforehand?
  2. Your appeal has been [DENIED]. I reviewed my recorded evidence and there have been at least 2 fights where you took no knockback at all, not even delayed knockback and also 2 other fights where it looked like you were using Kill Aura. If I saw those recordings for the first time today, though, I wouldn't be 100% sure if it was actual hacking, since the Warzone PvP mechanics seem to allow for no knockback to happen randomly to anyone. That fact, combined with the lag you talked about (I think you were getting 3 out of 5 bars on the tablist), could explain those sketchy fights. However, if I also take into account that you ban evaded shortly after getting banned, I'll have to deny your appeal. Instead of ban evading and trying to "explain" why you were banned, you should've went to appeal directly. Ban evading is strictly prohibited. I recommend you appeal again in the future. If you manage to write a good appeal, I'll think about accepting your appeal. You can appeal again in 2 weeks. Sorry for the long waiting time. I'll leave this appeal open for another 24 hours, in case you'd like to respond.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARUxqkJEUrY (0:03) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yU3wi0udZTU (0:22, 0:47)
  4. Your appeal has been [DENIED]. You clearly were using Kill Aura just half an hour ago. I won't even upload the evidence because you already hacked on Warzone at least once in the past, and seem to have learned absolutely nothing from it. You may appeal in 2 weeks again. This appeal will stay open for the next 24 hours in case you want to respond.
  5. Your appeal has been [ACCEPTED]. It's been 3 months since your ban and you seem to have learned your lesson.
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