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  1. Butterfly clicking is clearly not allowed as stated in the rules https://warzone.network/rules You admitted to butterfly clicking by saying "i butterfly click 14cps" after someone accused you of cheating in public chat. You took the screenshot out of context, making it show like you made a general statement about being able to butterfly click without saying you're doing it right now. However, when looking at the full context, it becomes clear you meant it as in "I am butterfly clicking right now, which gets me up to 14 cps." You at least admitted to butterfly clicking in the original
  2. For the last time, please stop making reports with insufficient evidence. RoboGirl didn't use Speed, she simply received a lot of knockback, which in this case happened because she was jumping while she was hit. Stop making reports with evidence of low quality, please. [DENIED]
  3. As we can see in the screenshots, a staff member was already present. [DENIED]
  4. The player was already punished, thanks for the report, though!
  5. Thanks for the report! [ACCEPTED]
  6. Didn't I already tell you? We can't ban someone with that little evidence. This could easily have been caused by lag or a glitch. Please refrain from making reports with insufficient evidence in the future, thanks. [DENIED]
  7. This is hilariously far-fetched. [DENIED]
  8. That's a normal bug, where the hitbox of the player being hit protruded through. Besides that, even if he was hit through a 1 layer thick wooden wall, it would be insufficient evidence to warrant a ban. Please only submit sufficient evidence in the future, or we'll simply have to keep denying your reports. [DENIED]
  9. I'm going to respond about each user separately. Residal: He shouldn't have encouraged MWQ to break the rules, correct. However, MWQ isn't a new player to Warzone. He knows what happens if you ban evade. Jellz also already told both Residal and cooli not to do that again, and they stopped afterwards. I don't understand how "it only took a year" is disrespectful in any way? If Residal thought he was hacking, that's his opinion. It's not disrespectful to think someone is hacking. [DENIED] cooli: Comparing MWQ to Bearty is not an insult, however, looking at some of cooli's other message
  10. Thanks for the report! [ACCEPTED]
  11. I've seen the context those messages were sent in. It's obviously just banter where both parties (yourself and ItsAllIHear) agreed to it. You can't just change your mind after partaking in that. [DENIED]
  12. Stop making joke reports. If you mean it seriously, try again. More joke reports will result in a punishment.
  13. The player was banned, thanks for the report! [ACCEPTED]
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