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  1. Lag can cause this, thus the evidence is insufficient. Denied
  2. Appeal denied. I rechecked the footage and your Aimbot usage is obvious. You were already banned a few days ago, however, this time you won't be falsely unbanned again. Greetings, Atdit
  3. No response within several days. Appeal closed.
  4. Please upload a clip where we can see you dragclicking. In 98% of cases where players click as fast as you did, they are using FastBridging/an autoclicker or macros. You calling us "stupid staff" will lower your chances of being unbanned regardless of whether you were hacking or not. Greetings, Atdit
  5. Your appeal has been [DENIED]. It's been 9 months since you were ban. I would've unbanned you if it wasn't for the fact that you ban evaded on your alt MegaGayming on April 16th this year. Greetings, Atdit
  6. Your appeal has been [DENIED]. Two months isn't enough time served as a punishment for hacking. I suggest appealing again in 1-2 months. Greetings, Atdit
  7. Your appeal has been [DENIED]. You were ban evading on the account Cryor on 29/03/2020.
  8. Your appeal has been [DENIED]. No response within one week.
  9. The point of recording yourself is so that we can verify your ability to aim and click like in your videos. When playing the game, 99% of players use their dominant hand on the mouse and the other hand on the keyboard. What difference does it make if your non-dominant hand is on the keyboard or holding a phone? Even if it's a weird feeling, your dominant hand is unaffected by this. If you still believe you didn't reach your maximal performance in the recorded clips, you will have to figure out another way to record yourself clicking ingame and on a cps test to replicate the same skills as you
  10. Your appeal has been [DENIED]. Hacking on Warzone isn't allowed. It doesn't matter for what reason you do it. Also, you ban evaded shortly after your alt "hassibi" was banned for hacking. This will for sure have a big impact on any future appeal you make. Don't even think about appealing again anytime soon. Greetings, -AtditC
  11. Sorry for the late response. Although not the reason you were banned for (Reach), you still were hacking. Taking your PoV, handcam and CPS test footage into account, which you wish not to share due to privacy reasons, we have come to the conclusion that you must have either been using an Autoclicker and/or Aim Assist, most likely both. Autoclicker: In the clips of you punching air and fighting zombies in Singleplayer, you didn't achieve a consistent CPS. It looks like you struggled to click consistently at 10+ CPS. In the other clips where you fought against me, you consistently achi
  12. Please provide a recording of your screen and mouse clicking sounds ingame. It's up to you how you record this, but make sure: There is no background noise The full Minecraft screen can be seen (like in your previous recordings) The clicking sounds can be heard
  13. Please provide the whole footage then, it would be helpful.
  14. Your appeal has been [DENIED]. Correct. You are allowed to swear if it's not excessive or directed towards anyone. Incorrect. There was no moderator online at the time when you broke the rules. You weren't muted for swearing. We are totally okay with swearing unless it's excessive. You were muted for "Inappropriate Behaviour". Specifically, you sent a lot of disturbing sexual messages. But how is that a problem? Well, most players on this server are underage, and we can't tolerate such behaviour in front of children. A 1 month mute without any prior warnings
  15. Your report has been [DENIED]. The evidence looks sketchy but it's insufficient for a ban.
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