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  1. Instead of necroposting, please make a new post in Community Support. @hellolies9 (Replying to a post from longer then a month ago) Locked
  2. Topic moved to Community Support Moved
  3. i can’t believe i’ve been exposed
  4. An amazing group of people, couldn’t of asked for better people to work along side! I look forward to getting to know the community more each day! Im so excited for what the future holds!
  5. du du du du du dunnn EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY
  6. side to side, side side what has this become
  7. really out here exposing everyone, who’s next?
  8. You can download your world by doing /dl world (world name) on your Minehut server. If you don't know the world name then do /worlds and it will show you a list of all the worlds that have been uploaded to your server! If you want to view a video on how to watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DcfYlre6AA
  9. Wrong Section of the forums, I suggest you move to Community Support where people may be able to help. Please only use this section of forums to advertise your server.
  10. This is the wrong section of forums, please use Marketplace when looking for staff members.
  11. From the console: 1. Go to file manager=>logs=>latest.log 2. select all the file contents, copy them 3. Now you can paste the logs where you want. If you want to send them to someone else go to <https://pastebin.com/> then paste everything in there, click on `create new paste`, then copy the link of the website and send the link of the website From the server: 1. Run `/dl logs` (requires operator) 2. Click the link it gives you, and download the file If you're experienced enough, search through the logs yourself. If you don’t know how to read them but are interested in learning read this tutorial: https://forums.minehut.com/topic/1949-how-to-read-logs/
  12. Wrong section of forums. Please use the marketplace when looking for staff members.
  13. Suggest making a support ticket if this is a real issue.
  14. WorldEdit has just been updated, i’d suggest just restarting the server- then copying it again and retrying what you were trying to do.
  15. xMuel


    Love playing on this server, amazing skript and builds, 100% recommend it!
  16. xMuel


    xMuel Introduction Some of you may have spotted me around various Minehut servers, but I wanted to make a proper introduction! So, I’ve been playing on Minehut for around about 2-3 years, I’ve gone through various names throughout the years such as Svmmy, SammyIsFab_, FabDino_ and the current xMuel. I’ve worked on various servers and have enjoyed playing the server and seeing it develop. So, Hello!! •Feel free to reply and ask anything and I’ll be sure to respond ASAP
  17. Ayy, I feel special I was mentioned and you can see me in the photos Damn, mentioned 3 times, cheers dude
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