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  1. Credits can be used for 2 purposes.


    Credits can be used to purchase cosmetic ranks here. They will give you a rank in Minehut lobbies either [VIP] [PRO] [LEGEND] or [PATREON] depending on what you purchase. They will also give you access to white chat in the lobbies as well as particles and the /ely command.


    Another use of credits is for buying player slots or RAM for your server. You pay daily so make sure you have credits and they will give you a certain amount of player slots and RAM, click here to see the amount you get for whichever cost you choose.

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  2. 1 hour ago, KitMine99 said:

    I had iron tools


    Still, as mentioned above- Minehut will not take action against the user as it is not a major offence such as griefing and Minehut doesn't enforce your server rules. Please take the preventive measures above to prevent this from happening again.

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