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  2. xMuel

    Please help me man

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  3. If you contact support they will be able to revert your server back to what it was before, because Minehut saves backups of servers. Contact support here
  4. Thanks for making a forums post, however you posted in the wrong section. Please use community support when asking questions about servers. Thanks! Moved to Community Support Locked - Question Answered
  5. If you want to make your friends Administrator then you could do one of two things depending on what you want; Use the command /op <name> in console and that'll give them the Operator Permissions. Or if you want to make them have a fancy prefix like [ADMIN] then you need to use a permissions plugin, either; PermissionsEX or LuckPerms. Find a tutorial for LuckPemrs by clicking here!
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    Welcome back to Minehut!
  7. You can get more RAM by purchasing more player slots. Look here for more information, these can be purchased on the control panel and are a daily purchase. Moved to Community Support
  8. xMuel

    im new

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  9. Good luck to whoever decides to apply!
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  11. The fact that I was first on this list makes me feel honoured, although mine was quite an easy one lmao
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  13. Get that Twitter post to 200 retweets! We're at 83 right now!
  14. Good grief was a fun time, but you've gotta love the Minehut 101's
  15. You can try to check out the logs for an error/warning message that is crashing the server, check out this forums post for information on how to read logs! Alternatively, you can open the latest.logs folder and ctrl+f and search for "/error]" or "/warn]" which would display the warning messages! Then post them below are people will be able to help if you can't find out how to fix the error! Moved to Community Support
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