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  1. Well Welcome to Minehut! Loving the shameless plug lmao
  2. really, did you think I would let you get past 3?
  3. xMuel

    Pex or LP

    Your request has been answered! Locked - Requested and Poll ended
  4. xMuel


    Moved to Community Support Locked - Question Answered
  5. If you start up your server you need to wait for your server to be Online before accessing the files. Click ‘Activate’ and wait for it to turn to Online then try.
  6. I don’t think i’ve heard of this ruin, are you referring to rooin? Also England Squad
  7. I swear if one of those doggo’s go to heaven I will cry
  8. Welcome to Minehut cowboy yeeee hawww!
  9. These are plugins I never knew I needed- can’t wait to try them out
  10. This seems so dope! If you don’t have Molly and at least 9 dogs I will be shocked lmao
  11. If you’re the owner of the server or have console access, start up the server and look into the logs (latest.logs) in the file manager and ctrl+f and type ERROR or WARN, this should bring up any issues if it is on your servers end. Post the error in here and someone will be able to help you resolve the issue. If you don’t find anything then consider making a support ticket here describing your issue and they’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days. Moved to Community Support
  12. xMuel


    probably go out and scare everyone hehe or me and my dad are gonna put a controllable spider under the car, whenever someone comes to knock make it come out from under the car and spook them
  13. I believe this issue is being cause by the fact that transfer.sh is currently down/isn't working properly. This issue should be fixed as soon as transfer.sh comes back online, so until then there's nothing we can do unfortunately
  14. Honestly I don't know either, maybe a conspiracy on what this post actually means?
  15. Looks like you achieved your goal! It was added :mhthink:
  16. Please use the correct section of forums when asking questions! Locked - Topic Fixed Moved to Community Support
  17. xMuel

    Pex or LP

    Oh yeah, thanks for pointing that out! Moved to General
  18. xMuel

    Uhm hi

    Locked - Please dont post on topics that have been inactive for 1month+
  19. Hope to see you around the lobbies and server!
  20. xMuel

    Pex or LP

    PermissionsEX is the better of the two in my opinion, however it is an abandoned plugin (meaning it won’t be updated again) so I suggest that you learn LuckPerms because that seems to be the main one now. It’s really just up to personal preference, try both and make your own choice on which one you prefer. If you need a tutorial for LuckPerms, you can find one here! If you have any future questions post them in Community Support and people will be able to help
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