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  1. Credits can be used for 2 purposes.


    Credits can be used to purchase cosmetic ranks here. They will give you a rank in Minehut lobbies either [VIP] [PRO] [LEGEND] or [PATREON] depending on what you purchase. They will also give you access to white chat in the lobbies as well as particles and the /ely command.


    Another use of credits is for buying player slots or RAM for your server. You pay daily so make sure you have credits and they will give you a certain amount of player slots and RAM, click here to see the amount you get for whichever cost you choose.

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  2. hola people and welcome to the Gravestone club, chill out with your friends- apply for staff and have general conversations with the community. I’ll start by asking you to drop a quick introduction of yourself in the comments of this post and we can start to get to know one and other!

  3. Hello! Thank you for taking the time to apply (and make it look fancy), we’ve decided to accept your application for a couple of reasons, good strengths and good detail throughout. If you would like to continue please message me on Discord (xmuel | sam#0592).


  4. Next time please copy and paste the format onto a new post before filling it out, it just makes our jobs easier. However based on the fact that you have minimal detail in your application as well inconsistent grammar throughout your application I am going to have to deny you. You may reapply in 2 weeks.



  5. Thanks for taking the time to report some rule breakers! We take punishments very seriously so even if you think the punishment is minor, still please report it so we can keep the server clean and safe for everyone to play on!

    * = Required

    Report Format

    Your IGN*:

    Offenders IGN*:



    Extra Information:

  6. Hello, thank you for taking the time to appeal your punishment. Please note that you can only appeal punishments that are longer then 1 day- appeals are checked whenever staff have time to so don't bother staff about your appeal or you could be denied. If your punishment expires before a staff member replies then the post will be locked and response given.

    Appeal Format

    Your In Game Name:

    How long was your punishment?:

    Offence that you broke:

    Why should you be unbanned?:

  7. 1 hour ago, KitMine99 said:

    I had iron tools


    Still, as mentioned above- Minehut will not take action against the user as it is not a major offence such as griefing and Minehut doesn't enforce your server rules. Please take the preventive measures above to prevent this from happening again.

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