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    Hey, I recommend you switch to using another permissions plugin, like PermissionsEX or LuckPerms as GroupManager has been an abandoned plugin for a while now and it's not as good and secure as the other 2 I mentioned. If you decide to switch to PermissionsEX follow this helpful guide on how to make ranks: To use any permissions plugin you need to have both Vault and Essentials Chat installed. Go to your server console and do the command /pex user (your name) add * /pex group (rank name) create - creates the rank that you want to have /pex group (rank name) add (permission node) - adds a certain command permission to that particular rank, you can find permission nodes on google by typing "(plugin) permission nodes) /pex group (rank name) remove (permission node) - removes a certain command permission from a group /pex group (rank name) prefix/suffix set " (prefix or suffix)" - adds a prefix or suffix to that rank you can use essentials colour codes in these /pex user (user) group set (rank name) - adds a user to that group If you decide to use LuckPerms follow this helpful tutorial for assistance: If you have any other questions attach them to this thread and me or someone else will respond
  2. If you have the same issue as listed in the post, please make a separate thread, thanks. Locked due to necroposting
  3. Hey, you can install plugins easily on the Minehut panel, watch this tutorial and you'll learn how
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    Hey, your server shouldn't be lagging if you have 3gb+ free ram. Somethings that can cause lag on servers include; Skripts with loop-alls Skripts in general High tickspeed (especially for Skyblock/Farming servers) A high amount of plugins Skripts that have an every second: event If none of these are on your server, then you can try checking your logs for any Error or Warn messages which might tell you where the origin of the lag is coming from.
  5. Yeah as Migqy said, please don't necropost (post on topics that have been inactive for 30days+). Locked
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    When Mojang release 1.16, there will be a few days where plugin developers will work on updating plugins to support 1.16. Minehut uses paperspigot so whenever that has a stable update for 1.16 and the majority of plugins also have a stable version for 1.16, Minehut will update. This normally takes a few days from the initial release of the new version. Moved to Community Support
  7. thats what they all say :mhthink:
  8. wow is this toxicity i sense
  9. If your server exceeds your player count limit you'll have to upgrade to a better plan. These costs credits, which you can either buy or get 25 free per day by voting here. Also, any questions please send to the Community Support section of forums, not here, thanks. Moved
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    woah who is this new epic junior mod gamer
  11. Hey, please use the correct area of forums when posting. This post belongs in the Server Advertisement area. Moved
  12. im going to look over the fact that you didnt mention me ;(
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    Hey, whenever asking questions please use our Community Support section of forums. As mentioned above Minehut does support Bedrock + Java compatibility, simply join using the following; Version: 1.14.60 Connect IP: bedrock.minehut.com Port: 19132 Because your question has been answered I'll lock this post. Moved to Community Support + Locked
  15. if you see this, you're an epic gamer! 🙂 

  16. Hello, if you go onto the panel and head over to the panel and click on Danger Zone you will notice in the top left there is a Force Hibernate button, if you click this your server will be forced to turn off. If you then wait a few moments and then start up your server it should work fine.
  17. Hey, when posting about your server please use the Server Advertisement section of forums, thanks. Moved
  18. Hello, Minehut recently changed up the way that server plans work, you can find more information here. If your server has above 12 plugins and you continue to use the free plan, you will need to remove some plugins until you reach the 12- then you will be able to join your server again.
  19. When asking for skripts can you please use the Marketplace section of forums, thanks. Moved
  20. Unfortunately, Minehut doesn't support the use of mods on servers. Also, when asking server-related questions, please use the Community Support section of forums please Moved & Locked
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    You can have a client mod active when you join Minehut, but you won’t be able to use the mod anywhere. Also, you cannot have mods on your server.
  22. Hello, thank you for taking the time to make an appeal. Although the evidence did show some sort of lag/modification to your client, I have decided to reduce your ban length. Your punishment has been reduced to 3 days. Appeal Locked
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    My Resignation

    if i’m allowed i may ask to join back support sooner rather then later bcause i miss you all
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    My Resignation

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