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  1. wow administrator kailum
  2. This is getting a tad heated, gonna go ahead and Lock it Locked - Avoid Drama
  3. Unfortunately since Minehut no longer stores backups of servers there is nothing that we can do about your server. Like mentioned above if you use /save-all every 15 minutes or so to save the progress or download the world every time you log off (the site that Minehut uses is currently down so this option isn’t available) to have a backup of your world saved. Locked Question Answered
  4. You could use brushes such as /br sphere air and /gmask obsidian and right click on the obsidian sphere and it will gradually remove the sphere without doing any large commands- not crashing your server.
  5. Do you have a skript enabled on your server that bans a members after a certain amount of kicks or anything punishment related? You could also use the /unban (player) command to unban the player if /pardon isn’t working.
  6. xMuel

    Tpa plugin

    Locked - Please don't post on content that has been silent for a month or more (necropost).
  7. xMuel

    Opening Minehut™..

    i mean i don’t like pizza and there isn’t any locations in the UK :((
  8. xMuel


    Moved to Off Topic
  9. Can you not just change the server name so it people can join? Moved to Community Support
  10. we love a late reply dont out me ask a vsco girl sheesh
  11. Good luck to those who decide to apply, a pink name really makes you stand out
  12. Servers can be brung out of hibernation by starting the server up, this can be done by any player. But you cannot make your server online all the time. Locked - Please dont comment on a post that has been silent for over a month.
  13. pretty cool server 100% not bias at all why would you assume that
  14. xMuel


    Welcome to Minehut! If you want people to join your server post it in the Servers category of forums with the server name and people may join.
  15. welcome friends, I hope you enjoy the caging
  16. Moved to Community Support Locked - Please dont necropost @admin111111
  17. I believe the service that Minehut uses is currently down, try in a little bit when it comes back up.
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