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  1. we can ignore my 5 months resignation but yes! congrats ppl
  2. Please use the correct category when requesting skripts, builders or staff members. Moved to marketplace
  3. As mentioned above, this is not the correct category to request help with your server. This category is for advertising your Minehut-hosted server. Please use the help category when requesting help. Moved to Help
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    Bedrock edition

    All Minehut severs automatically support Java and Bedrock clients, you don't need to do anything to support them . If you want to connect to Minehut from Bedrock, enter the IP bedrock.minehut.com with the default port and you'll be connected. Then go to here and make an account, then you can make 2 free servers, once you've gave your server a name, type /join (name) in the lobby which you connect too from the IP and you're good to go.
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    I'm very confused, do we call you leon or bored?? My brain cannot function properly thinking about this
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    I repeat my previous statement, smh.
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    mute appeal

    Hello, please make an appeal here and not in this subforum. Incorrect Channel Usage
  8. this is an unforgivable act, I am disappointed
  9. M I N E H U T C O M M U N I T Y F A Q HOW TO USE THE LUCK PERMS EDITOR REQUIREMENTS: Luck Perms DIFFICULTY: EASY Introduction to the Luckperms Editor The Luck Perms Editor is a tool that is part of the Luck Perms plugin which you can use to manage the Permissions of the server inside of a website How to access the LP Editor: To access the LP Editor, all you do is /lp editor in game and it will give you a link. The link is the site you use to manage your permissions. Make sure you are OP before you do the command. How to create ranks with the editor: On the left side of your screen, you should see the following. ---> To create a new group, click on the + button next to where it says “GROUPS”. You should see this screen next. Put the name of the group you want to create under the Group name. The weight of the group is a number that shows the priority of the group. If 1 group has a weight of 10 and another has a weight of 11, the prefixes of the group with the weight of 11 will display. For the prefix and suffix, input the prefix and suffix you want for the group. You may leave it empty. How to add permissions to groups: At the bottom of the screen, type in the permission nodes you want to give the group. When you click on it, it will show you a list of permissions on the server which you can scroll through or you can manually type in the permission node. After typing all the permissions you want to add, click the + button and it will be added to the group. Note: Adding the permission to the group will not save the progress. There is a save button. Saving progress done in the web editor: Click the save button in the top right corner of your screen. It will give you a command. Click the command to copy it then paste the command in game. All your progress should be saved now. Require further assistance?: If you need more help on this topic, head over to this section of forums, or join our or join our Discord! Compiled by the Minehut Support Team
  10. M I N E H U T C O M M U N I T Y F A Q HOW TO USE PERMISSIONSEX REQUIREMENTS: PermissionsEX, Essentials Chat & Vault DIFFICULTY: MEDIUM Introduction to PermissionsEX PermissionsEX is an easy to use permission plugin that allows you to give certain members and groups permissions to certain commands on your server. This tutorial requires you to be OP and have access to your server console, which can be found here. Getting Started: Type "/pex user <your name> add permissions.*", replacing <your name> with your in game name into the server command. The server command can be found in the settings section of the panel and can be found under the "Server Commands". This command will give you permission to do other PermissionsEX command in game instead of having to do them through the console. How to create a rank: Type /pex group <rank> create replacing <rank> with the name of the rank, for example, if we were making a Moderator group we'd type /pex group moderator create. To assign somebody to this group you have just created, type /pex user <username> group set <rank>. How to create a prefix or suffix for a group: Type /pex group <rank> prefix set "<prefix>" to create a prefix for a rank. A prefix is the text that comes before a player's name. Quotations are required in this step so that the plugin knows when the prefix ends and begins, you can also use colour codes in your prefix or suffix. For example, if we wanted the prefix to be shown as in first one in the image below, we would type "&c&lADMIN &c" in place of <prefix>. Without the quotations marks, it would appear as the second example To add a suffix, type /pex group <rank> " <suffix>" to create a suffix for a specific group. A suffix is the text that comes after a player's username in chat. How to add permissions to a group: To add a permission to a group, type /pex group <rank> add <permission node>. Permission nodes are specific to each plugin and are what is used to give groups permission to commands, you can find any plugins permission nodes by searching "(plugin)'s permission nodes" on google. To remove a permission from a group, type /pex group <rank> remove <permission node>. If you need more help using PermissionsEX, please join our Discord and ask for help in our #help channel. Compiled by the Minehut Support Team
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    =( ly always
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    reset world

    Hey, please use the Help section of forums when asking questions related to Minehut services, thanks! Moved to Help
  13. From what I know, if we were to support mods we would need to make sure servers can support the mods, this would also include keeping multiple versions of the mods up to date as well as keeping all plugins stored for that particular version. Sorry for this
  14. Please use the plugins section of forums when requesting plugins to be added or updated. Also, please include a link to the plugin as it makes the developers jobs easier Moved to Plugin Suggestions
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    VIP giveaway

    epic more giveaways
  16. As mentioned above, Minehut does support Bedrock clients on MCPE & Win10 devices. There has been some issues with Bedrock users being able to connect but we're aware and working on getting it back to normal. Locked due to necroposting
  17. M I N E H U T C O M M U N I T Y F A Q HOW TO GET LOGS DIFFICULTY: EASY What are logs and why do we need them? Retrieving server logs is often important in order to figure out what the issue is with your server. They show all recent activities on the server and provide error and warning messages which can show you the issue. Logs show commands that users are entering, certain events such as deaths and if there are any plugin issues. How do I retrieve logs? Logs can be retrieved through 2 methods, in-game and through the panel. We recommend you always get logs from the panel because in some instances you may not be able to connect to your server and will not be able get them through this method. Method One (Through the panel): Getting logs is easy, first head over to your server panel and start up the server you want to get the logs of. Once the server has started up, head over to the file manager section of the panel and all your server files will appear. You need to go into the logs folder, then into the latest.logs file and you will find the logs. Method Two (In-game): Logs are easier to obtain in-game, simply type /dl logs and wait a couple of seconds. The server will return you a link to a site with the logs, just download them onto your device. If you’re unsure about the logs and need community support: Head over to a site like Pastebin or Hastebin and copy and paste your logs into the site and upload them. Copy the link to your Pastebin or Hastebin and go to our Discord or forums and ask for help, include the logs so people will be able to help you as soon as possible. Want to go more advanced? Learn to read logs! A helpful member of our community made a post explaining how to read them, check it out here. Require further assistance? If you need extra assistance on this topic, leave a comment, someone will be able to help! Additionally, join our Discord, found here, or head over to the help category of forums, found here! How to read logs Compiled by the Minehut Support Team
  18. Yes! In order to set a default world, you must first head over to the panel and start up your server. Once your server has started, you can click the settings tab and go to level name and type in the new world that you want to become the default world. Any new users that join your server will spawn in the world that you have typed here.
  19. im a pretty epic person to be friends with ngl
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