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  1. xMuel


    Moved to Off Topic
  2. Can you not just change the server name so it people can join? Moved to Community Support
  3. we love a late reply dont out me ask a vsco girl sheesh
  4. Good luck to those who decide to apply, a pink name really makes you stand out
  5. Servers can be brung out of hibernation by starting the server up, this can be done by any player. But you cannot make your server online all the time. Locked - Please dont comment on a post that has been silent for over a month.
  6. Welcome back to Minehut!
  7. pretty cool server 100% not bias at all why would you assume that
  8. xMuel


    Welcome to Minehut! If you want people to join your server post it in the Servers category of forums with the server name and people may join.
  9. welcome friends, I hope you enjoy the caging
  10. Moved to Community Support Locked - Please dont necropost @admin111111
  11. I believe the service that Minehut uses is currently down, try in a little bit when it comes back up.
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