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  1. Please don't comment on topics that have been inactive for a month or longer. Locked
  2. Please don't comment on topics that have been inactive for a month or longer. Thanks. Locked
  3. xMuel

    Need help with Shop GUI

    Please don’t comment on threads that have been inactive for a month or more, thanks. Locked
  4. Please don't post on topics that have been inactive for a month+, thanks. Locked due to necroposting
  5. As mentioned, please don't post on topics that have been inactive for a month+, thanks. Locked
  6. Hello, you can't switch your rank over to another account, sorry.
  7. xMuel

    12 plugin server?

    Then go ahead, skripting can replace a lot of plugins which can help bring your plugin count down. If you need any help with skript you can use the skript section of forums or head over to our discord and ask for help in #skript, located here.
  8. xMuel

    12 plugin server?

    I mean, if you don't know how to skript I'm unsure why you've got the skript plugins, they could be replaced with another plugin
  9. xMuel


    Well, first of you said in another post you don't know skript, so you can remove 7 plugins (29) next you can remove TrollCommands+ because that isn't essential for your server (28), Title Welcome Message can be removed because in my opinion a message in chat is sufficient for a join message which can be done with essentials (27). Next Chat Control, Citizens, Citizens CMD, AdvancedBan, AutoPickup can all be removed and you can make the ShopKeepers be used with ores instead of ingots. Chatcontrol can easily be replaced by an active moderation team. AdvancedBan is a bit broken if I remember correctly so Essentials punishments will work fine (21). These 3 plugins; ViaBackwards, ViaRewind, ViaVersion can all be replaced by ProtocolSupport (19). ClearLag isn't really needed for a sky mining server, (18) the next few plugins can be removed Item Editor, items can be edited in command blocks without needing a plugin. Placeholder API, Scoreboard isn't essential for a server if you need to narrow down plugins it isnt essential, I've never used SignLink, so not sure what thats needed for (can probably be removed), TAB REBORN a tab isn't required for a server either, its just a cool thing to have if you have spare plugin space. Next, VoidSpawn, if you just set the spawn of the server to the place where this is then they'll be tped there, or you can make that world your default world (12). The plugins that you now have are; Vault Essentials EssentialsChat EssentialsSpawn BackToTheRoots (1.8 PvP) WorldEdit WorldGuard ShopKeepers ProtocolSupport Core Protect Group Manager Holographic Displays
  10. xMuel

    12 plugin server?

    Which server type do you want to make?
  11. Each player servers makes their own rules, Minehut does not enforce player server rules, nor do player servers have to enforce Minehut's rules. However, player servers still have to follow a few rules or their server may get suspended. You can hack freely on your own server and you wont be punished, but some player servers may have a rule against it, check with the servers staff team before using a client though.
  12. xMuel

    12 plugin server?

    Hey, there is still a large amount of servers you can make with the 12 plugin limit; Sky PVP Prison Factions Parkour Creative to name a few, although I would recommend you learn some skript because it is an extremely useful plugin that can help with almost any server that you want to make. I know you said you don't want to vote for Minehut, however if you vote for 30 days (each vote takes a minute) you can unlock the free plan for a month and use as many plugins as your heart desires.
  13. Yeah, Minehut now has Bedrock compatibility, to join use the following information; IP - bedrock.minehut.com Port - 19132 Version - 1.14.60 you can't currently connect directly to servers, you have to join through the hub. Bedrock compatibility is also in Beta so you may experience a few bugs with it. Moved to Community Support
  14. xMuel


    Sorry, what kind of server are you making? It probably doesn't' require all 36 of them plugins. In addition, you mentioned how "they have ads on the panel, on their website, on the forums" this is true, but ads aren't currently making as much many as what is needed.
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