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  1. very easily done with skript: on sign change: loop 4 times: set line loop-number of event-block to colored line loop-number of event-block
  2. https://gyazo.com/1411f652fc7d7d5e819bc653529de90e doesn't look very well made lmao
  3. bump, very underrated addon that i think shouldn't be overlooked
  4. https://skripthub.net/docs/?id=948
  5. A skript addon that allows for packet manipulation, can allow users to do things that usually aren't possible without outdated depricated addons. List of all packets made available: > findpacket * [00:29:51 INFO]: [All packet types] [00:29:51 INFO]: login_server_success [00:29:51 INFO]: login_client_custom_payload [00:29:51 INFO]: login_server_set_compression [00:29:51 INFO]: login_client_encryption_begin [00:29:51 INFO]: login_client_start [00:29:51 INFO]: login_server_custom_payload [00:29:51 INFO]: play_client_enchant_item [00:29:51 INFO]: status_client_start [00:29:51 INFO]: stat
  6. this tutorial was more focused on the conceptual idea of scoreboards, i feel like situation-specific scoreboards aren't actually related to scoreboards, but rather custom mechanisms that can be displayed on the scoreboard.
  7. it's just %player's rank%, alternatively you can use %player's prefix%. Both require a valid group plugin to work
  8. would you be able to remove this post? thanks
  9. BEFORE READING: 1) If you have skrayfall installed, you must disable the enableFastScoreBoards option in skrayfall's config.yml 2) A scoreboard line can not be set to nothing, if you want an empty line, you must set it to a color code (e.g. "&0") 3) Two different scoreboards line can not have the same text, a work around is yet again by using color codes as seen above (e.g. "&eText" and "&1&eText" to display 2 lines the same) 4) There are 3 addons labelled skbee on minehut's download page, make sure you download the one that's description is "A simple solution to
  10. have confirmed this is a not an issue at all, but rather the 16 character limit of my 1.8 client despite the server being on 1.15 and therefore having no such character limit.
  11. note: I have confirmed with the developer of skbee that this is not a plugin-side error, and have also confirmed that this works outside of minehut. on join: set title of player's scoreboard to "&6&lServer Info" while player is online: set line 1 of player's scoreboard to "&eOnline: &f0" # 0 for testing purposes only wait 1 second this only sets line 1 of player's scoreboard to "Online: " instead of "Online: 0" if i change line 4 to set line 1 of player's scoreboard to "&eOnline: 0" it displays it fine, showing that there an i
  12. 1) why are you merging tuske and vanilla syntaxes unnecessarily? 2) for your repeated codes, you could easily use a loop for increased efficiency and readability 3) you don't need to make your temporary variables player specific because they only exist in that scope/instance anyway 4) your cancel event expression does not need to exist under every clicked slot condition, you could move it under the skbee/sknbeet inventory name condition 5) You haven't stated any of the dependencies of this project, aka this project requiring skbee/snbeet and tuske 6) expanding on point
  13. i suggest at the very least making the conditions else if conditions, as by doing so you won't be running unnecessary code when you've found the main argument. Also, with undisguising, it'd be better to reset their rank back to what they had prior to disguising
  14. well I was just curious as to why you'd only store a kills variable per session, but i guess there are cases where that'd be valid so i digress
  15. what's the point of storing a variable at all if you're going to delete it on leave? there are no issues with the default value expression, if stuff is erroring you're doing it incorrectly
  16. my apologies, found a fix. see here if you couldn't tell i'm not a minehut user lmao
  17. It would appear that location variables in uploaded worlds (ones prefixed with "ul_") do not persist over restarts. command /setspawn: trigger: set {location::spawn} to location of player on join: teleport player to {location::spawn} if i execute /setspawn and relog it works just fine. However when i restart the server, the location variable outputs <none> in a debug message After this method didn't work, i tried doing on join: teleport player to location at 1, 5, 1 in "ul_world" and that did not work after restart either I assumed it wa
  18. The point is that setting a variable to 0 unnecessarily takes up unnecessary memory space that wouldn't be taken up if you deleted it instead. My point was that there is no point setting it to 0, as keeping it as not set allows you to work with the variable exactly the same, but saves memory.
  19. I also agree heavily to this, minehut please add +1
  20. you never need to set a variable to 0, see here
  21. on bed enter: wait 5 seconds set time of event-world to day the bed enter event can only be called if it's night time anyway iirc, so this is all you need.
  22. literally the only addon i need to use for skript and it's not on minehut lol, please add it
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