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  1. Ive found a way to make it work, but thanks for replying!
  2. joejeroen


    I'm sorry I didn't mean to do that but it gave me the option to post it twice so I thought it didn't work the first time.
  3. Hello I started a survival server 2 days ago. When I installed to plugin in the minehut website it didn't work in the server itself. When I tried to type in 1 of the commands they didn't show up in the text bar. Can anyone please help me with this problem? Thank you
  4. joejeroen


    This topic was a duplication so please skip this topic.
  5. Thank you so much! And thank you for replying that quicly.
  6. Hello. I have an survival server. I want to make unbreakable areas with the world guard plugin. I only don't really know how it works. The commands //wand or /rg dont work. Can anyone help me please?
  7. All of the last topics are about this bug. I have the same problem. I hope they will fix it as soon as possible!
  8. When I started the minehut website up for the 2nd time I clould'nt start it. It keeps telling me, server status: stopping. What can I do? Please help
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