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  1. who wants to join my minecraft server: the IP is (SurvEnder.minehut.gg) the server is on 10 hours a day
  2. his username who falsely muted me was Dadrien


    1. Migins
    2. Dadrien


      He got banned for hacking on my server and then proceeded to spam my private messages with some rather hurtful things so I ignored him and filed a report.


  3. Trent ive been falsely muted because i was apparently saying u should kill urself and all that crap when i was telling a suicidal kid not to. please unmute me or make the mute a reasonable time because right now its a month, and i cant wait a month because its been about an hour and im already dying. pelase im begging

  4. Nova710

    I got False Banned

    his name is ModeDesigner X and his sevrer is called ModelCraft
  5. Nova710

    I got False Banned

    I Got False banned of a server, for apparently hacking, when i was doing a glitch, in the rules it said "dont abuse glitched and report them" i was showing them and i opened up my world edit GUI for my server and he banned me! i am very mad and upset, please help me
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