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  1. So i made a skript that had /staffchat involved and i think it overlapped the minehut /staffchat system so i found a glitch in the matrix i guess. My skript was simple: command /staffchat [<text>]: permission: staff.chat trigger: CODE and when i did that and made it with no errors and i did /Staffchat test and it said the following: You do not have permission to execute this command. I was an operator and had the correct permissions.
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    Tommy2008 Map bug Go to the secret area near the castle and right click the composters. You can get bonemeal that means you can break the restriction of the inventory.
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    I dont know how to report bugs or if this is even a bug. Tommy2008 Map Bug Go to the lobby of minehut go to the spawn library and find the plants that have deadbushes in pots and pick them up. It makes it so your inventory isn't as restricted as before as you can get deadbushes into your inventory. Im not sure if this is a bug or a feature thank you.
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