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  1. Hi! I'm memees. And I'm here today to offer you my Skript expertise to help assure the success of your Minehut server. But first, let me properly introduce myself... About me I began on Minehut roughly 3-4 years back and have been Skripting ever since. Since then, I've coded & sold well over 30 servers resulting in over $5,000 in revenue. My most notable server was my Skyblock saga named "fiasco" which later turned into just random servers I felt like making. This network launched in early 2019 which was peaking 40 online players (that was a lot for 2019!) Since then I haven't re
  2. i dont save my skripts, anything u need done? edit: i started to but then had to reset my computer
  3. Backpacks - v.1.0 (BETA) Made by: memees & Corinna Commands - /backpack [Give] [Player] (More Sub-Commands will be added soon, this is BETA) Unique Features Custom texture that your players will never have seen before (See images below) Uses a UUID (Universal Unique Identifier) system, meaning backpacks are not locked to one player! All the data is stored within the item. Failsafe infrastructure: Even if a backpack is thrown into lava, or a zombie steals it, it can be retrieved by an admin thanks to our UUID system. (Admi
  4. Title, gotta be nice names though
  5. How? I just wanna get a string for a pastebin... nothing done can be done from that unless the person with console is stupid.
  6. Yes, but I'd like to know why. Are you sure it's not a bug?
  7. Here's a good one! Cyber and his excessively loud keyboard. thats why I dont discord u anymore
  8. My external has the same addons, and no one in the SkUnity discord can figure out why, they're all saying it's the custom fork.
  9. /pex group default add -minecraft.command.me looks better. no need for a trash script
  10. Hi Minehut community. Today I'm releasing a script of mine that lets players apply for staff in the in-game chat! Dependencies (Not tested without these!) Skript (duh) SkQuery SkRayFall (Probs not needed, but not tested) PermissionsEx (Can be modified to work with other permission plugins) Vault Commands /apply - Command given to all players, starts the application processs. /apply [Arg] - Command exclusive to players with the permission "server.admin" /apply pending - View a list of pending applications that have yet to be read. /app
  11. Hi Mh community So I was testing some scripts on my external server to then move to Minehut, but when I reloaded my (working) scripts on Minehut, errors came up. This involves gathering text from an online location (pastebin.com/raw/[generic string]). This is what comes up. Is this intended or a bug with Minehut's fork? I'd be interested for a staff to reply. Thanks
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