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  1. Thank you for your information! exactly what i needed to know My main issue is that my plugin requires to connect to my Socket server to make a link to the websites, but if the plugin keeps getting more and more outdated here i can no longer support it due to protocol issues. If the problem of Minehuts bad maintaining of plugins continues i will (like you suggested) contact staff to request a shutdown of the distribution of my software, or if all attempts of solving it peacefully are ignored simply block it on my side (firewall minehut servers) To be clear; i do
  2. Is there any way a author of a plugin has any say in this? Useless support requests for outdated versions that are outside of my control are not something that im to fond of. And how much of the origingal spigot post (plugin description and such) does get copied over, and what does not?
  3. So that will mean that the official documentation (spigot page) and spigot metrics (like downloads) are not updated based on the usage via minehut customers, correct?
  4. Howdy MineHut community! I came here with a few simple questions. Over the last few months, quite a few people who host at minehut contacted me for support with my plugin. After looking around for a bit, i noticed that they where not able to install the most recent version. So the question that i have is this, how does minehut handle its plugins? Are they mirrored in a way and not from the official spigot page and therefor recent? I would like to know what can be the cause so i know how to help my users. Thank you, and have a nice day.
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