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  1. Everyone in this conversation please read: If any of you can get this message to an admin: Delete my minehut account. I need it gone. I can't start my server nor can I reset it.
  2. Suggest plugins (such as litebans) in the suggestions category.
  3. My entire account is broken. My servers don't start, reset, or stop. I need my account deleted immediately. One of my servers is currently stuck in a bootloop, and neither of them fully start. Another thing is that HolographicDisplays, EssentialsSpawn and Skript are all broken. Here's why: - Holograms don't load on server start - The spawnpoint doesn't load on server start - Skript player variables don't load on server start Please, delete my account.
  4. Gotta love minehut 1. When my server restarts the spawnpoint is deleted. When you do /spawn, it returns "null" 2. When my server restarts, all player variables in skript are deleted. These include LOCATIONS OF THEIR SKYBLOCK ISLANDS. 3. When my server restarts, holograms don't load How does minehu have this many players, and yet have blatantly terrible bugs like this?
  5. read the title. it just says "starting" forever and never says "started"
  6. I spent about a week on my server, building, skripting, making custom weapons. All a waste. I've practically lost all my work because of Minehut. Y'know when you start your server and it takes like 30 seconds or so? Mine takes 5 minutes, doesn't even start, at all. Also it takes about 2.5 minutes to stop. AND WHEN IT DOES STOP, I TRY TO START IT AGAIN AND IT'S IN HIBERNATION. #fixminehut
  7. I do agree but why can't it be 1.25 or 1.5GB?
  8. I'm having a problem with Minehut.] My server has almost 40 plugins. And that's deadly for a server with 1GB of ram. When it was 2GB everything was fine and dandy. But since the adjustment it's been unplayable. Lag, tps drops, players getting kicked. 100s of lines of errors in the console when someone gets kicked. The real problem is Trent, and how he thinks he's so cool. I'll tell you, he is not. All he does is sit in lobby 1 and punish people who say "doos", permanently, for "ddos threats". Kind of sad that SLG took over Minehut.
  9. my profile is https://forums.minehut.com/profile/2176-turbot/ if it's not that then it's fake

  10. hi i'm




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