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  1. i check this everyday if anyone replied
  2. If you got to comment in this topic you r fast
  3. ShibaTheDoggo

    ad rewards?

    Hey there so i have seen some servers do ad rewards and those are automatic but i have no idea how to do it could anyone tell me how to do it if you know it?
  4. I have a challenge keep this topic active till the end of 2021 post a message here every day
  5. exactly what i was aiming for
  6. I was wondering if someone is good enough to skript the skript plugin or skript all the addons lets see who is the best skripter
  7. Rep for rep for rep? maybe? I am speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
  8. @Jackson85Thanks I AM SPEEEEED
  9. But not as much as mine
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