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  1. Scuffle Hello everyone, and thank you for clicking on this post! If you clicked on it, you're probably here for a reason - and that reason to to play on a new, community, vanilla and 1.14.2 version Minecraft server (as I do as well). To join the server, simply use /join Scuffle! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ingame Rules: 1) Flame, Disrespect, Harassment and Inappropriate Content Scuffle is meant to be a mature server and of course, jokes are welcome, but do not flame, disrespect, harass or post/say things players would most likely find inappropriate. There is a limit between "messing around", and that limit is met when this rule is in effect. 2) Spamming Spamming is sending the same or multiple messages over and over. As spamming is prohibited in Scuffle, if you spam you will be warned to stop and if you don't stop you will be punished. 3) Autoclicking Autoclicking in order to mine, kill monsters etc is prohibited and will have consequences. 4) Advertising Advertising any servers, including their names, no matter how big or small is not allowed. 5) Hacking Using modded clients, X-ray mods and/or texture packs, abusing bugs and/or glitches, abusing exploits or using mods that will alter your Vanilla experience and give you unfair advantages is strictly prohibited. Upon breaking this rule, you will be instantly banned. 6) No Base Raiding Raiding bases is not allowed under any circumstances. It doesn't matter if the player is banned or hasn't logged on in a year. You are only to raid a base when you are given written permission by Luke or the owner of the base. 7) No Griefing Players on TWS have spent countless hours building, gathering supplies and working together. If you take items or destroy another persons property without their permission it is considered griefing. This includes public farms Label your property with your IGN Your builds, portals, and projects will be found by many players. To avoid confusion, credit, and disputes please label your property. 9) English only in the Minecraft chat As the majority of players are English speaking and I and other staff only speak English and we wouldn't know what you'd be saying in other languages, English is the only language allowed in the public chat. You may use your own language to others in private messages. 10) No AFK fishing or AFK fishing machines AFK fishing and AFK fishing machines are not allowed because they are "cheaty" although apart of Minecraft they offer nothing to the server. You AFK for hours and get rare loot while you do nothing. So for that reason they are not allowed. 11) PVP is on a consent only basis. As we are a not a PVP server but rather a CO-OP based server, you are not allowed go around killing people unless you have their permission to fight.
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