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  1. Oh, more plugin updates, I didn't get a chance to check until today!
  2. I would think that this would depend if he wants to block swear words and keep people from spamming or if he just wants a chat he can mute like Minehut lobby already has.
  3. Yes he’s right if you really wanted one you would need to custom skript it or use a skript someone else made.
  4. I have unfortunate news, my Discord account was suspended today temporarily, I've been in contact with Discord trying to resolve the conflict, thought I'm unsure I will get access to my old Discord account. I'm struggling to talk with Discord, and will try to be online again, keep in mind if my Discord account appears invisible or offline, it's either because I'm trying to troll someone in a community I own, or I had a power outage, or something happened to my account such as this. I will probably post another status if I get my Discord account back online again.

  5. Yes, this was very interesting, ignore what I previously wrote, I didn't see it already ended, lol.
  6. BlueTechnician#4239 I wish good luck to all the people who enroll in this giveaway!
  7. Actually, I've had this bug happen to me, never knew how to fix it though. Great to know ways that you can fix it.
  8. Why is this even a post? I think it's sad for the person below this topic.
  9. Oh my word! I never thought the message counter could get so high! I guess it's time to see how much higher a person can go daily, lol.
  10. This is a very interesting question I just decided to ask the community in Minehut... Reply how many messages do you think you send daily. How many messages to do you think you send/post daily in the Minehut Lobby Server? Would love to see how many messages everyone thinks they send. If I were to say something, I would probably say in the past I wouldn't talk at all, recently I'm begun to do make 10 to 15 messages daily.
  11. I don't like to talk on the forum that much, but I read almost every post I see that gets my attention. I'm starting to reply a little bit to some of the posts that get my attention on the forum.

  12. Yay more plugins, gotta love adding plugins and getting updates to plugins!
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