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  1. I don't see the point of this... It's just a rank I bought one and I don't even care. I only bought it is for using /ely for when I'm waiting in the lobby
  2. To be honest I think the lobby is as loud as it is I don't think anybody wants to hear Player damage voices + All the players moving around joining ect. And where would it even be?
  3. It is a good suggestion to be honest, Sometimes I accidently click 2 servers and when I'm on one it says Unknown Command and that is kinda Annoying.
  4. I'm sure some of us have tried to upload datapacks but some of them are zipped so you can't recreate them or some of them are quite large so if you do have to recreate the files than that might take more than 15 minutes just to play around with a Datapack. This is why I'm recommending a "Datapack" option in the Server Properties or World Settings Sections. You can upload the Datapack.
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