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  1. i keep asking for phatloots to be updated yet, it never will
  2. the current owner of phatloots, as you know him as codismus is no longer working on the plugin, so it is now being worked on by someone named Redned epic here is the NEW plugin https//spigotmc.org/resources/phatloots-loot-tables-conditions-block-loots-mob-drops-1-13-1-16.68925/
  3. Still waiting for the day PhatLoots is updated...
  4. Yeah, i would be grateful if they added it
  5. Hey maybe minehut should add the plugin titled: MMOcore it would help with a mythicmobs. the plugin has a lot of useful features, like: custom mob drop animations, parties, and more! I would appreciate if you added this right away! https://www.mythicmobs.net/index.php?pages/download-mmocore/
  6. Maybe you guys could make MHunlimited a one time payment thing, because some people don't have enough money to buy that many credits, be thoughtful about the people who can't buy that sort of stuff, and it gets annoying having to pay every month, please make it a one time payment.
  7. so, what if people wanted to make custom dungeon chests? then this plugin https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/treasurechest will help anyone with their dungeon chest needs! i would appreciate it if you added this to minehut.
  8. Yeah i had the same problem but i cant link anything when i link it, it says AIR is not a linkable type.
  9. Minehut should add the plugin named "Heroes" it could really help with quests, and it can help make some really cool servers!
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