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  1. dankhuman


    i dont have police in my state and im pretty sure the closest is like 40km away
  2. im not sure exactly but im positive it was near 2015
  3. because you aren't putting your foot on the brake why does no one join my server
  4. dankhuman


    honestly i would but we own this house so we can't really abandon it
  5. dankhuman


    been an hour still awake
  6. dankhuman


    its currently 4:45 am (at the time of writing this) and i still havent slept. i saw a huge gecko (search "abu brais" on google and you'll see which type) above my breaker box. i am paranoid. it ran away. we havent found it. we saw another one in one of the bedrooms. (its dead) on top of that the sliding door to the balcony and my air conditioner keeps making noises now im scared because i dont want to enter the kitchen (where the breaker box is + im terrified of small animals/insects) now if the power goes out (which is common here), im not going in ther
  7. hello i am a dank human im not new but im back after 5 months and i renovated my profile thats all
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