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  1. Hello. I was wondering if a feature could be added, where from the Minehut server file manager, you could download files into you computer.
  2. Vykig

    Minehut Mondays?!

    I love the idea tbh! It would be very nice to have something like this.
  3. Vykig


    what do u mean by making it look better? do u need a spawn? do u need a map?
  4. Can I be perm-muted or banned for spamming (saying it 3 times) my minehut server?
  5. society102.minehut.gg

    Good community creative city server.


  6. Hello. I have a question. I just received my 2nd mute warning, for which I was muted for a couple of hours. If I get muted another time, what will be the duration of the other mutes? Also, can you lose a mute warning?
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