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  1. command /shop: trigger: openShop(player) function border(user: player, rows: number, borderItem: item): format gui slot (numbers from 0 to 8) of {_user} with {_borderItem} loop ({_rows} - 2) times: format gui slot (((loop-value) * 9), and ((loop-value) * 9) + 8) of {_user} with {_borderItem} format gui slot (numbers from ({_rows} - 1) * 9 to (({_rows} - 1) * 9) + 8) of {_user} with {_borderItem} # https://forums.minehut.com/topic/16760-gui-border-function/?tab=comments#comment-52253 function openShop(p: player): open virtual chest with 5 rows named "&7Shop" to {_p} border({_p},
  2. options: soulitem: nether star soulname: &5Soul demonname: &4Demon demonentity: wither on click on entity: if {demon::%entity's uuid%} is set: add 10 to player's balance # or {balvariable}, just thinking ur using essentials. on death: if victim is a player if attacker is a player give attacker {@soulitem} named "{@soulname}" send action bar "&5You earned a soul from killing %victim%" to attacker command /demon spawn: permission: demon.spawn trigger: summon {@demonentity} at player named "{@demonname}" set {demon::%last spawned entity's uuid%} to 1 i cant make
  3. command /arena: trigger: teleport player to {arena} command /setarena: permission: arena.set trigger: set {arena} to location of player # Go to the arena and type /setarena and then u can do /arena and it tps u :) seems like jeelzzz is forgetting his job, welp ill start doing his job for him.
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