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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/15QwvbxxQ_hryWxB8bcFHbwP5uCmwSzH1/view?usp=sharing Download here
  2. username is Aster_ I like wiimmfi2 Its a role play server I am the Owner it is my favorite server
  3. It doesn't matter which world I use it still won't download any of them I need to get a link or a alternative way My server could be griefed and I have no backup because I can't make a backup
  4. Day/Night cycle super fast and on server and see lobby chat
  5. Link https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/ezauctions.42574/ unique auctions it is different kind of auctions please add it
  6. Someone Add this plugin it is unique It has differnet type of auctions
  7. SO a hacker is on my server I have been unable to join my server for 20 hours a my memebers have tryed to join and couldn't I am currently using MH20 I would like to have at least part of the 24 credits I am paying each day because I couldn't use my server at all Here is evidence the server is online I have internet running about 500mbps It is 5ghz internet I was able to connect to another minehut server and I was able to connect I connected right after trying to connect to my own server The account to refund is email:hackedmacbook111@gmail.com
  8. They are hacking my server blocking anyone from joining the server someone do something
  9. You posted this in wrong section Please post in player appeal
  10. Someone please read about this plugin
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