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  1. xStriKer

    Mobs Not Spawning

    Tried that too, says its true. I've looked through every game rule, looked through all plugins, tried to access the server property files but no luck. I have no clue what to do now.
  2. xStriKer

    Mobs Not Spawning

    Don't have any plugins installed. It's entirely a vanilla server
  3. xStriKer

    Mobs Not Spawning

    On our server, there are rarely any mob spawns. We have the difficulty set to hard, and mob spawning set to true, however, apart from mob spawners, it is rare to see any type of mob spawn. Our local difficulty also seems to be staying at around an Easy-Normal Level compared to MineCraftWIKI's statistics for hard mode. Tried adjusting the time to indicate we've been in the area longer and, theoretically, this should increase the local difficulty, however, there has been no change. Any suggestions as to how this can be fixed? Thanks.
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