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  1. I currently have code that is working fine and all, but everytime the command is run it loops the variable and could easily crash the server if someone were to spam it. I was wondering if anyone knew an alternate way to do this so that it didn't lag the server if someone spammed it but still worked fine. command /top balance: trigger: loop {money::*}: add 1 to {_size} if {_low.to.high.list::%loop-value%} is not set: set {_low.to.high.list::%loop-value%} to loop-index else: set {_n} to 0 loop {_size} times: set {_n} to {_n}+1
  2. Description I'm fairly new to skript, and I've created a command that tells the player how much more of an item they need out of 64 Steps to Reproduce Once the command is run, it'll say "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command." to my player, here's the code: options: amount: 64 command /antimatter: trigger: set {_am} to amount of sweet berries named " &4&ki &cAnti-matter berries &4&ki" with lore "&3Trade for anti-matter gens" and " &9&l&kii &6/antimatter &9&l&kii" in player's
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