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  1. CHALLENGE! Rules are simple, first have to do is /settings private-messages on. After that you need to say every 4 - 5 minutes in lobby "My dms are open for 30 minutes! Send what ever you like...." And you cannot turn your private messages off or to friends for 30 minutes! enjoy Good luck...
  2. I can 100% confirm that the ranked players part is not true, as I have 5+ pages of punishments
  3. There are a lot of logs but which do you think is the best? personally mine is dark or spruce, so hard to choose!
  4. farwl you should apply, I think you would be a great addition to the community! -dsr0r
  5. Wish I didn't have 5+ pages of punishments
  6. I agree with @PandaChan, No friend should treat someone like that, I have had previous experiences like that and it helped me a lot to move on from them.
  7. 0v0 im gonna have to copy @Visor
  8. I disagree, Minehut has been a free service for the longest time and still is, you can't pick and choose what you get in a free service. After all it's free. I understand you think it's bad, but if you want to have this free service, your gonna have to live with a few limits.
  9. You're not the only one, my old username was Hoff_Noah7
  10. @Vinixs is also very under rated
  11. Favor PvP Server IP favor.minehut.gg We favor fun over pay 2 win, as long as you are willing to grind, you're sure to have a great time. Need Staff Features Parkour, Kits, Abilities, PvP, and most of all, an amazing community, now come on down to Favor PvP /join favor
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