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  1. Username: KailumsSon What punishment did you receive: Ban Was the punishment fair: No Why should you be unpunished: It said I was using the "Safe Walk" hack but idek wtf that is. Can I please see the proof that I was hacking like rlly. What were the events that led to your punishment: I was playing as I normally would then all of a sudden I get the ban message in my chat for legit no reason. Additional comments: not really besides the fact that I got banned for NO reason
  2. Hey, I need help with a tempban skript and I just really cant fiqure it out... please add me on discord if you can help. kailumsson#4615
  3. ah alright. Cant help with that sorry,
  4. So, what you need to do is go to your panel. Then after you go to your panel you need to go to plugins. Then search Protosupport or somthing like that. Just type proto. Then click install and restart server. Hope this helped! Please respond if it did!
  5. Thank you spazzs for your appreciation! +rep
  6. Player: Kailum Offense: Being best staff. Evidence: Additional info: Kailum is number one
  7. Just recently created a NEW anarchy server. Its new so you should join to get a good base and head start IP if u r interested: DaAnarchy.minehut.gg
  8. POP_dsr0r

    Timed Out

    There are many things that could be happening. Like MidnightDrift said it could be whitelisted. Or there internet could also be bad. Not only that, Minehut is going threw some glitches at the moment so that could be why. If none of this works then make sure they are not banned for anything like that. Please respond if your server is now working. Thanks!
  9. POP_dsr0r


    I have been on minehut for many years now but I have never gotten into the minehut forums! Just wanted to put myself out there and stuff. My IGN is KailumsSon
  10. +rep Kailum -KailumsSon (my name is pop_dsr0r on forums cuz it has not changed yet but my mc name is kailumsson....)
  11. I think that Kailum should be a mod (if not higher) He does his job really well and after all (i am his son) it may have not came up yet on forums. But my minecraft username is KailumsSon. He also does a very well job of being respectful towards everyone and listening to everyones ideas. So I beleive he should have a promotion! +rep Kailum (JR. MOD) -KailumsSon (POP_dsr0r cuz my name has not changed on forums yet...)
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