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(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Sup nerds! ♥

I'm Emily, also known as PandaChan or just Panda! You might know me from the Discord or Forums but I have left the community, I still look at the forums once in a while but it's better if you contact me via Discord (Kawaii Potato#4333)
Besides this I've also been staff on Minehut a bunch of times but we don't talk about that haha... My interests include watching anime, reading webtoons and sleeping!

If you ever need help, want some anime/webtoon recommendations or just wanna become my friend don't be afraid of messaging me via the forums or Discord!  (Kawaii Potato#4333)

Other random stuff:

- I'm the most active user in the Minehut Discord (+150k results)|
- One of the top users on the forums when it comes to content count

- Own a cool translator cape (friend me on namemc uwu)
- Am pansexual (LGBTQ+ gang!)

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