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  1. Heyooo!!!! Welcome to Minehut, you can always ask me or any of the other support members some questions! We're always here to help you out
  2. Go into the panel, go to the settings tab and change the level name to whatever the world name is.
  3. They won't be going back to unlimited plugins nor will they get increased, like mentioned above you can vote very day for a month to get MH20 for a month.
  4. Emily

    Bug report

    Heyo! You can report bugs on the Minehut Meta GitHub here https://github.com/Minehut/Meta
  5. Type the command on the panel under server commands.
  6. Emily

    plugins not working

    Some plugins aren't up to date, they should be getting updated soon.
  7. Emily


    Minehut 1.16.3'te, bunu değiştiremezsin
  8. Hia and welcome to the forums!!
  9. This won't be happening.
  10. Emily

    Where are plugin page

    Go to the panel, click edit server and then you'll see the plugins tab on the top of the panel.
  11. You'd have to import the other stuff on their own.
  12. Hia! You can use the /whitelist commands to only allow specific users to join, to start just turn it on with /whitelist on and then use /whitelist add (user) to add specific users to your whitelist.
  13. Sadly this is not possible yet, sorry!
  14. M I N E H U T C O M M U N I T Y F A Q HOW TO USE WORLDEDIT REQUIREMENTS: WORLDEDIT DIFFICULTY: MEDIUM Introduction to WorldEdit: WorldEdit is a well-known plugin used by many builders to make building a lot easier, it can do a wide range of things like filling in huge walls or copying and pasting a build you’ve made! Getting started: To get started you’re going to need a world edit wand, you can get this by typing //wand in the chat, make sure you’re OP as well. One of the more used commands in world edit is the set command, this allows you to set
  15. M I N E H U T C O M M U N I T Y F A Q HOW TO USE REDPROTECT REQUIREMENTS: REDPROTECT DIFFICULTY: EASY Introduction to RedProtect: RedProtect is a plugin similar to WorldGuard, used for protecting builds but only takes up one plugin slot, it’s quite easy to use as well! Creating a region: Just like WorldGuard and WorldEdit you need to get a wand and create an invisible box for the area you want to protect, to get the want all you have to do is type /rp wand and you’ll be given the wand, just left and right click the two areas and you’ll have done the
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