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  1. Pretty sure about a hundred has happened before, I recommend not abusing the bug though because it is bannable.
  2. The online mode doesn't have anything to do with it, if the server is failing to start up I recommend looking for errors, not warnings.
  3. Bedrock is currenlty a bit bugged for some reason, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sorry!
  4. Minehut doesn't support cracked clients, I recommend buying the game!
  5. Emily


    You can't.
  6. Any new chunks in the nether will contain the new biomes, you can reset the nether so it's fully on 1.16.1 How to reset nether: 1 - go into the file manager on your panel 2 - get rid of the world_nether file 3 - restart your server
  7. 1- just do /find 2- good idea 3- users can get muted for stuff they do in /msg, that's why that gets blocked when you're muted. 4- been suggested quite often, /history has also been confirmed to be coming back soon. 5- Users can get banned for griefing servers, that's why that stuff is blocked too. 6- this has been suggested many times. 7- also been suggested a few times, just AFK on the server for now.
  8. Emily

    can i

    Backups are a planned feature but you can get a download of your world by doing /dl world (name)
  9. Happy birthday.

    Just remembered 

  10. Same way he connected before, use direct connect or just click add server and for IP you put in "minehut.com"
  11. Not possible right now but it has been suggested!
  12. You're gonna have to be a bit more specific-
  13. Bedrock is a bit broken right now, try again later, it works sometimes I believe.
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