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  2. Uh I think it was like May 2016, joined Warzone
  3. With my last point I messed up my wording honestly, I meant to say the posts were biased because they or someone they know got punished. A lot of the posts get created because a user was punished yes, whether this was a false punishment or not doesn't really matter if they talk about more of the issues. A punishment brings along a lot of things, staff's behaviour towards the user following the punishment, staff's response towards the user if they appealed or asked about the punishment and many other things can come from a punishment.
  4. You won't ever be able to delete your servers, not sure why there is a need to delete servers either as you can just reset all and rename your server. If this were implemented you would have a few issues, where does anything go that you might've bought on the server, icons, plans etc?
  5. This has already been suggested a few times and then also got denied for a reason already mentioned above, users can upload NSFW images and these things wouldn't be that easy to moderate.
  6. Ok time to type out a nice response Also, there are some community members that I do dislike. Sadly you can't like everyone in life, no matter how hard you try, you can't be friends with everyone. Best thing to do here is just ignore them and keep living your life. I have also had one of my servers corrupt overnight, deleting over 2 weeks of solid work Sorry that this happened! I know this issue is actually quite common, sadly Minehut stopped giving out backups via support before actually bringing out backups themselves. Also, the lack of communication between the Admins and the playerbase has been very prevalent. Tbh this might just be me but I think the communication between the admins and playerbase is pretty good, of course you don't have to know about what every single dev does on Minehut but Trent does a pretty good job at letting players know what's in the works and listening to the community. It may not seem like they're listening to the community and changing their plans according to that but they really are. Chapter IV: The current staff team: Personally think this entire part is a bit biased, there's a lot of issues within the team, I don't go in the lobby anymore so idk how much they do in there but they are definitely not that great of a team. A lot of people try to "expose the staff team", but I feel their points aren't valid or just hate filled, I think these kinds of posts are actually quite good for the staff team, you get to hear what players think and get a different POV from someone that has gone through some issues with the team. Everyone's opinion is valid, even if it's filled with hate, you may not have gone through the same things as they have and might not fully understand the issues they are pointing out but there are users who have gone through a lot of issues with the staff team and fully understand what's going on. Staff should take these posts as "criticism" and try to see what they can do about the issues pointed out.
  7. Emily


    Aight lemme type up a quick response for this one SLG must be clearly aware of all of the quality of life improvements that will keep player's happy Yes, SLG is very aware of this and is actively working on things that users have been asking for, I'm not that up to date with stuff anymore but I am aware that they are working on 2FA and backups for example Something else that caught my eye were the new featured servers. Minehut offered many benefits to getting your server featured, but they never actually gave what they promised. Trent is very aware of this and will be looking into it, I talked to him about this and until I brought it up he seemed to not be aware of it but now he is. Even then, it was proposed that there will only be one featured server per month When featured servers were first introduced this year they mentioned that for now it will be indeed one server a month but this was only to introduce the whole idea of featured servers and allow a lot more users to apply for this spot, they also mentioned that featured servers will be done once every two weeks on the future or even more often. It's pretty clear to most players that the Minehut staff team is in a bit of disarray. Yes, everyone is aware of this, even the staff team knows it's a mess. A lot of staff have been resigning, whether this is for personal reasons or because of issues with the team isn't known to that many users. There's no denying in the fact that the staff team is a huge mess, there are a lot of issues and increasing the amount of things players know won't fix anything, a lot of users already get a lot of information from staff leaking and a lot of information should also be kept a secret, things like changes to the subteams really doesn't change anything about your life on Minehut so you shouldn't have to know about things like that. Recently Filr resigned and Benny + Gingey were chosen to be the new manager, this took about a week or two of staff and normal users talking to Trent, the main goal was for Filr to work alongside another manager but sadly he resigned and left 2 spots for other people. I know that Benny and Gingey will be working very hard to get the team in a better state. SLG needs to stand up and show the Minehut community that they care about what they've created. I fully agree to this, I think SLG is more focused on the development and getting a bigger community on Minehut rather than caring about the already existing community. They already try to do this to some extent, talking to users about new features in the meta Discord, talking about existing issues and doing events that some players enjoy (I personally don't enjoy most of these events but they should be improving soon.) Player reviews for Minehut is at 2.8 stars, showing that that the user experience isn't acceptable Pretty sure most of these reviews are like a year or two old lol Ok that was enough typing for me, hope this helped a bit idk
  8. Wowie, my giveaway sure got a lot of entries /s But as promised I shall do the giveaway Winner number 1! Congrats to Practicyn / @Druqz ! Winner number 2! Congrats to GaySyrup / @Gaminger ! Hope both of you will enjoy the rank!
  9. PandaChan Warzone is best server, it's very cool and has many cool people, the rotations are also amazing!
  10. Emily

    VIP giveaway

    Hia! So it seems that Benny just did a giveaway so what I'm gonna do is give away two Minehut VIP ranks! How to enter: Respond with your username (make sure you don't already have VIP >.>) Just to spice it up a bit, I want you to tell me something about your favourite memory on Minehut, this can be anything from a funny conversation you had with someone to meeting one of your best friends! Winners will be chosen on August 1st, evidence will also be given! If you don't want a VIP rank but still wanna share your favourite memory on Minehut I would love to hear about it!
  11. Emily

    Can't break end gateway

    You can't break bedrock on Minehut by using stuff like that, sorry.
  12. Try deleting all your .json files in the file manager, don't worry they should just come back after a quick restart!
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