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  1. Servers can already be started by anyone at any time via the lobby by any user.
  2. Minehut support no longer rolls back servers on request.
  3. Emily

    Essentials X

    This isn't the right section, the essential plugin collection is available on Minehut already, no need for EssentialsX.
  4. Emily


    0 tick farms have been patched, you can no longer use them.
  5. Don't reset your server after adding the world, simply just follow the video and there should be no issues.
  6. Emily


    Any plugin you want added can be suggested on the forums, they're not going to add an option to add your own plugins for safety and security reasons.
  7. Emily


    This won't be done for a very long time specifically because it's just too difficult and not safe.
  8. I'd rather not have this, there's no need for it and I have a feeling it'll just get spammed as much as the normal chat so -1
  9. Welcome back! I'm glad that you put this stuff behind you ^^
  10. Did you save the server before logging off?
  11. https://minehut.com/app/credits/minecraft
  12. Yeah, not sure what they were thinking when they added this, I think it was originally just to stop some swearing but now it's just kinda annoying. They should just make something themselves that they're able to make specifically for the lobby which would be a lot better.
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