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  1. Cosmoss

    Plugin Request

    Hello! Are there any new updates from the author? @pop4959
  2. I'm pretty sure SkStuff has been requested multiple times, but I don't remember why it still hasn't been added. It probably has a security reason that it isn't being added. Also, SkBee has a pathfinder I'm pretty sure.
  3. I am gathering you all here today to request the magnificent plugin "RickROP". It's a plugin for rick-rolling people with note-block sounds in Minecraft. I would really love this plugin simply because I could rick-roll people and laugh at them while I'm doing it. It doesn't do the whole song but a few seconds of the start of the song. This would be really funny to send to your friends while they're playing survival or some kind of server with you. You can make the rick-roll active by adding a message to the config and for example if someone were to say "I want staff" or "Give me staff" you could rick-roll them. The plugin also has other kind of music like Fireball, Crab Rave, Rick Roll (of course) and you can also make it choose a random one out of those 3 songs. The current tested versions are 1.13-1.15. I have also tested the plugin on a 1.16.5 server. Plugin Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/rickrop.76422/
  4. Cosmoss

    packet limiter

    If minehut updates a plugin, your files won't change; meaning that you probably don't have it updated (old files).
  5. Cosmoss

    Plugin Request

    Yeah I know it will take more time and that premium plugins aren't added as frequently, but I would just like you to try out and see if the plugin author would be okay with it being added to minehut.
  6. Hello there! Could you provide a link to the plugin's page (where you can download it)?
  7. +1; would be really useful to turn off the annoying no knockback for people in netherite gear
  8. Please don't reply on over a month old topics! If you really want this to get updated / added, then please make a new topic. Don't necropost!
  9. Please don't reply on over a month-old topics. If you really want the plugin to be added, please make a new topic and suggest it yourself instead of necroposting.
  10. Cosmoss

    Plugin Request

    I would like to request adding the plugin "Upgradable Hoppers", it has really cool features, such as linking containers from far away, item suction which is basically just a thing where the hopper can pick up items next to it, even if they aren't on top of it and even upgrades for the suction range and the container linking. This plugin will also definitely improve a server's performance, because it will reduce the hopper amount by a lot, because of it's features. The tested versions of the plugin are 1.13 up to 1.16. I also do know the plugin costs 12€, but as I've seen the mines plugin for example is also a paid plugin, but minehut got permission to use it. Spigot Page: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/upgradeable-hoppers-fast-hopper-plugin-link-containers-item-transfer-suction-filter-1-16-support.69201/ Github Page: https://github.com/Angeschossen/UpgradeableHoppers Wiki Page: https://github.com/Angeschossen/UpgradeableHoppers/wiki
  11. Oh sorry, didn't know that. Thanks for letting me know!
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