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  1. As she said in the screenshot she is not supporting people with the leak.
  2. Please don't reply on over a month old topics! @UntitledGoose requesting lock for necro-posting.
  3. s: - Must be 13 or above - Strong understanding of the server - Active on both discord & in-game - Strong understanding and knowledge of the rules APPLICATION FORMAT User Details: - Ingame Username: Stuudium - Discord Name & Tag: (Ex: sowciaIsEpik#9394) sowciaIsEpik#9394 - How old are you? 15 (about to turn 16 in march) - What is your time zone? gmt.+3+ - Do you have a working microphone? (Yes/No) y - What language do you speak and do you speak English fluently? yes is poeak english fleutnyl and speka estonina, leaning rusian
  4. Minhut just seems better.
  5. Username: Stuudium What punishment did you receive: Ban Evading Was the punishment fair: Nope, I don't think so. Why should you be unpunished: I should be unpunished, because I do not have anything to do with the account that got me banned. What were the events that led to your punishment: There was some account going by the name cboss1717, which is claimed to be me for some reason. I do not know anything about this account and have not seen the name before. Additional comments: I don't even really know why I got banned lol
  6. Please use the marketplace if you want someone to make you a skript.
  7. I hope you have a delightful christmas & a happy new years!
  8. I won't say hi, but I will say hello.
  9. heyo! hope to see ya around
  10. Very good tutorial for beginners. Explains everything fully detailed, but not confusingly.
  11. If he is using location variables, then he has to set the main world to the world the location variables are in. Otherwise they will delete themselves.
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